Who is Denise Lombardo? Her Bio, Networth, Divorce, Family and More

In this era of social media, celebrity partners are often the common topic of discussion. This gets more evident when the celebrity stays in the news for many years for both fair and unfair reasons. Let us break the ice! We are talking about Denise Lombardo. She has been a searched personality since the movie ”Wolf of Wall Street” became a hit worldwide. The movie was adapted from the autobiography of Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker accused of fraud in penny stocks.

Denise Lombardo is popular as Jordan Belfort’s first wife. She is an American real estate agent, sales executive, and internet personality. Let us get some insights into Denise Lombardo’s biography and personal life. Also, we will discuss her net worth, as we talked about Denise’s ex-husband, Jordan Belfort net worth in one of our previous posts.

Denise Lombardo Biography and early life

Denise Lomardordo is a real estate agent working for Prudential Douglas Elliman Company. She is well known as the ex-wife of Jordan Belfort. Born on 11th November 1963 to Italian parents Anthony Fiorito and Ann Lombardo in Ohio, United States. Besides, she has two sisters named Deanna and Lisa Scordato and one brother named Paul Lombardo.

Furthermore, her ethnicity is Caucasian, and her nationality is American. She is 59 years old and resides in Bayport, New York, Unites States. Also, she can speak German and Italian other than English, probably because of her multicultural background.

Full name:                                                Denise Lombardo

Nickname:                                                Deni

Gender:                                                    Female

Date of birth:                                             11th November 1963

Age:                                                          59 years (as of 2023)

Birthplace:                                                 Ohio, United States

Zodiac sign:                                               Scorpio

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Nationality:                                                American

Ethnicity:                                                   Caucasian

Religion:                                                    Christianity

Current residence:                                      Bayport, New York, Unites States

Profession:                                                 Real estate agent, sales executive

Languages are known:                                 English, Italian, and German

Parents:                                                      Anthony Fiorito and Ann Lombardo

Number of siblings:                                      Three

Name of siblings:                                         Deanna and Lisa Scordato (sister), Paul                                                                            Lombardo (brother)

Denise Lomardo Education

Denise spent most of her life in New York. She went to Bayside High School and obtained her Bachelor’s in English Literature from Adelphi University. She also attended Townson University and pursued graduation in Business Administration and Science.

Her ambitions for educational accomplishments didn’t end there. She did her Master’s in Educational Leadership and Administration General from Australian Catholic University.

Reportedly, she also joined the merchandising and buying operations course at the Fashion Institute of Technology after high school.

High School:                                                Bayside High School

Graduation:                                                 Bachelor’s in English Literature, Business                                                                          Administration, and Science

University/College:                                       Adelphi University and Townson University

Highest degree:                                            Master’s in Educational Leadership and                                                                             Administration General

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Master’s University:                                      Australian Catholic University

Denise Lombardo Physical stats

Denise is a gorgeous woman and an amazing personality. However, she is not very tall; she is 5 feet 2 inches, and weighs 60 kg.

Height:                                              5 feet 2 inches (157 cm)

Weight:                                              60 kg (133 lbs)

Breast size:                                        36 inches

Waist size:                                         25 inches

Hip size:                                             35 inches

Body measurement:                                36-25-35 inches

Eye color:                                            Brown

Hair color:                                            Dark brown

Tattoo:                                                 None

Natural breast:                                      Yes

Shoe size (US):                                      7

Sexual orientation:                                 Straight

Denise Lombardo career

Denise started her career in the business industry immediately after her graduation in 1992. After that, she worked in the sales department of a Medical Company. Later, The Home Depot Company hired her as a flooring specialist till 2010. Also, she worked at Smith and Nephew Company between 2006 to 2008.

Further, she took her career to the next level in 2010 when she started working as a Prudential Douglass Elliman Company real estate agent. This also increased her net worth.

Denise Lombardo net worth

Currently, Denise’s primary source of income is her work as a real estate agent with the Prudential Douglass Elliman Company. So, if you’ve ever wondered how wealthy is Denise Lombardo, authoritative sources estimate her net worth to be around $9.5 million as of 2023. Furthermore, her divorce settlement with Jordan Belfort provided an additional source of wealth.

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Denise Lombardo’s relationship and divorce with Jordan Belfort

Jordan and Denise met at Bayside High School and started dating. The lovebirds got married in 1985. Initially, Jordan did small businesses and struggled to meet their ends. Bur, Denise supported Jordan through thick and thin. Later, Jordan rose to huge success through his stock market career, and his income grew rapidly.

Denise Lombardo

Probably, Jordan could not handle his sudden success. Drugs, extramarital affairs, and the extra-luxurious lifestyle of Jordan negatively affected their relationship. Denise caught him cheating on her with Nadine Caridi. Finally, in 1991, a miserable divorce happened between Jordan and Denise Lombardo.

The couple had no children together. Also, Denise was heartbroken when the relationship ended. Meanwhile, Jordan married Caridi, and the couple had two children together. However, his relationship with Caridi also ended for the same reasons after some years.

Denise Lombardo with her ex-husband Jordan Belfort
Denise Lombardo with her ex-husband Jordan Belfort

Denise Lombardo’s family and children

Lombardo stayed in marriage to her boyfriend, Mlady, from 1994 to 2005. Denise has changed her name to Denise Amato Lombardo, as on her Facebook profile. As of now, she seems to be married to Nick Amato. Also, she has three sons named Brett Lombardo, Nicholas Lombardo, and Matt Lombardo.


Denise Lombardo wants to stay away from the public eye and media attention. Also, she is not much active on social media and keeps her personal life private. Besides that, she seems focused on her career and family. She is living a peaceful life with her present husband and three sons.

Marital status:                                          Married

Ex-husbands:                                           Jordan Melfort (1985-1991)

Mlady (1994-2005)

Present husband:                                      Nick Amato

Number of children:                                   Three

Names of children:                                    Brett, Nicholas, and Matt Lombardo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is Denise Lombardo?

Ans. Denise Lombardo is popular as Jordan Belfort’s first wife. She is an American real estate agent, sales executive, and internet personality.

2. What is Denise Lombardo’s age?

Ans. Her age is more than 59 years as of 2023.

3. Who played Denise Lombardo in the film ”The Wolf of Wall Street”?

Ans. Cristin Milioti played the role of Denise, while Leonardo Dicaprio was Jordan Belfort.

4. When did she divorce Jordan Belfort?

Ans Denise Lombardo and Jordan divorced in 1991.

5. Does Denise have any children?

Ans. Yes, Denise has three sons.

6. What is Denise’s marital status presently?

Ans. Though Denise keeps her private life away from the media, she seems married.


In this section, we discussed the details of Denise Lombardo, who is the ex-partner of a famous personality, Jordan Belfort. Though she is away from the limelight, we tried to extract maximum information about her past and present life.

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