How to prepare for the Docker certificate associate certification?

Docker is known as a company-ready container platform. It allows businesses to run, share and build any application from anywhere seamlessly. In today’s modern realm, numerous organizations are containerizing all their applications. This can lead to quick production workloads to deploy several times and anytime daily.

Docker provides the [DCA] docker-certified associate course for all interested individuals. The DCA certification will validate the skillset with real-world questions. These are designed by qualified Docker practitioners. If you wish to learn more about this certification, check the information in this article.

Things to know about Docker certified associate certification

The Docker DCA certification is the official certification from the Docker Enterprise Edition. You are free to learn more about the certification from the official site Docker. The certification was launched back in October 2017 in the form of a benchmark. It will establish expertise in container technology skills as they pertain to Docker.

The DCA certification exam contains 55 MCQs for Multiple Choice Questions. You need to complete them within 80 minutes. The examination will also cover all the domains of expertise within the Docker Enterprise, which are:

  • Volumes and Storage – 10%
  • Configuration and Installation – 15%
  • Security – 15%
  • Networking – 15%
  • Registry, Management, and Image Creation – 20%
  • Orchestration – 25%

You can also expect a mixture of DCA certification exam questions and answers from all the domains. After you complete the examination, you will get the score immediately. In a follow-up email, you will get a “breakdown” of the score you receive in all the domains.

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Before you opt for the examination, you should gain more information on Docker and the certification itself.

Preparing for DCA Certification

When you decide to opt for the DCA certification diamond examination, you must practice adequately. Otherwise, you can check out the Docker certification tutorial and practice all the sections taught every day. You need to install “DOCKER” in your operating system. It will run operating systems such as Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, macOS, Debian, and Windows. Now, let’s find out how you can prepare for the examination.

  • After installing Docker, you can begin with management and image creation. Practice all the sections every time to get better outcomes.
  • Docker will enable you to get 6 months to 12 months of real-time experience. But installing Docker within your system is much better than practicing all the sections. Doing so will help in certifying the DCA certification NJ examination efficiently.
  • As you keep practicing, list all the crucial points from all the sections of the Docker examination. The list will be helpful because you can go through all the crucial things before you appear for the examination.
  • You have 80 minutes to complete all 55 questions. It takes 1½ minutes for every question. If you don’t know the answer, you can skip it and try to attempt it afterward. This can help you balance the time.
  • Experts say that participants should install the community edition. But installing Docker will provide you with a free trial on the “enterprise edition” for 30 days. It’s advised that you use the trial version. This is because the examination focuses on crucial topics like DTR, UCP, etc.
  • Installing Docker for the security DCA certification exam will enable you to read books. You should begin with several books, including Nigel Poulton’s Docker Deep Dive. The books you will encounter will provide a different perspective. Besides that, you can still go through the Docker training course to prepare for the examination.
  • When you have no solution or are stuck somewhere within the Docker docs, it’s advised that you search the internet. Go through several blogs until the topic is clear to you.
  • You can schedule the examination and begin preparing when you become familiar with all the topics. But when you’re feeling comfortable taking the exam, you can reschedule it whenever you want. But remember one thing, there is no chance for a retake. You will only get one chance for it.
  • The DCA certification examination contains questions on Kubernetes. That’s why it’s recommended that you have a good understanding of how Docker and Kubernetes work together.
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Why should you own a DCA certification?

When an application functions perfectly on your computer, it doesn’t mean it will work perfectly on your friend’s system. But when it comes to what Docker contains, it will run the applications the same way on your friend’s system. But there are unique reasons that prove why you should have a Docker Certified Associate Certification.

  • The system resources can be used much more efficiently
  • It enables instant software delivery cycles
  • Makes the application portability smoother
  • Utilizes tailor-made the microservice architecture

Applying for DCA certification

The Docker Certified Associate Certification is ideal for every individual who wishes to grow and upskill. A person’s interest in cloud technology and he/she wishes to learn something out-of-the-box is needed as a prerequisite.

But apart from the certification, you need to have an excellent understanding of Docker Containerization technology. Doing so can take you to better places for sure. Under this section, you will find a list of experts who should begin their DCA journey for their betterment.

  • Non-IT experts who wish to change their careers
  • Software Developers
  • System Administrators
  • Solutions Architect
  • Database Managers
  • Cloud Professionals
  • Release Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Testers

Parting thoughts

The Docker certification has become extremely important these days. Professionals from various sectors are shown in this certification. If interested, don’t wait to jump to the container realm. You will encounter numerous job opportunities, gain proper knowledge and skills, etc.

Besides that, professionals like Data Scientists, Testers, and Database Managers should apply for this certification. Doing so can help them get a high-paying job within their preferred sector.

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There are many online training courses available that will help you get a much better understanding of Docker. It will also help you prepare for the examination without any issues or confusion.


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