Strictly Come Dancing: Another hit fix row as Fleur East allowed to redo her performance

As it turns out, Fleur East could do her dance again after she fell on Strictly Come Dancing. This could cause another repair controversy.

At a scary Sunday dance, her professional partner Vito Coppola, EastEnders star James Bay, and Amy Dowden got into a fight. In the end, the actor was sent home.

But since then, it’s been said that Fleur started dancing again after a terrible fall that made her “crumble” on her partner. This wasn’t shown on TV or talked about during the results show.

Strictly 'hit by another fix row' as Fleur East was allowed to REDO her dance-off performance | Daily Mail Online

What happened on Strictly Come Dancing?

The Sun said the sax maker tripped over a prop. Moreover, they dropped her dancing partner during BeyoncĂ©’s “Salsa to Break My Soul.” After paramedics checked on them, they were allowed to start dancing again.

A source said, “It was a terrible accident, and neither Fleur nor Vito did anything to cause it.” About five seconds later, the legs slipped when Vito was supposed to pull himself up in the fake chair.

She fell, and Vito fell with her. They hit the ground so hard that everyone in the audience gasped loudly. No one knew what was happening on or off stage, so Flor looked confused and shocked.

Not for me' James Jordan says Fleur East can be 'way too much' as he reviews Salsa dance | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV |

What did the source tell the newspaper?

The source also told the newspaper that Fleur’s competitor James “wasn’t upset at all” by her second chance. Moreover, he “really thought” it was the best dance of the night.

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But other contestants behind the scenes were said to be “quite dumbfounded” by what happened. An insider also said it’s “not quite a live show” if the stars get “another crack of the whip.” MailOnline has asked people from Strictly Come Dancing for their thoughts.

A BBC representative told The Sun, “After something happened with a prop at the beginning of the Fleur show and dance performance Vito. Moreover, it was decided to stop the show to make sure no one got hurt.”

What happened during the second dance?

“Since they hadn’t started dancing before the accident. Moreover, it was decided that they could start the show again. Once they were sure, they were healthy enough to do so. During the second dance on the show, the 62-year-old TV judge said that she would have saved radio star Richie Anderson over singer Fleur.

After, Shirley got a lot of flak for being cast and for what people said were “sexist” comments she made on the show. Moreover, Fleur defended the criticism by saying it was “really unfair.”

The former X Factor winner said she was shocked by Shirley’s criticism. Moreover, it had “the utmost respect” for her and the other judges.

Since then, fans of the TV personality have defended her against Uber Walk. Moreover, it was said that her job on the show was to be a judge. Moreover, it will give feedback to help the celebrity get better.

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