What happened to Johnny Depp’s teeth? Know the exact reason here!

Johnny Depp is widely acclaimed for his stunning face cut and handsome personality. This actor has various appealing qualities that make him stand out from the crowd, be his long tresses, sharp jawline, or beautiful eyes. But one feature that always looks off is Johnny Depp Teeth.

Fans are curious to find out what happened to his teeth and why they look so bad. Does the actor not care about them, or is there another story behind it? To resolve all your queries and claims, our experts have dug a bit deeper to find out what’s the speculation all about and why people are taking so much interest in Johnny Depp’s teeth lately.

So, what keeps you stopping for now? Scroll down the page to the end and find out why Johnny Depp teeth aren’t up to snuff. Let’s get into it.

What’s the Reason Behind Johnny Depp’s Bad Teeth?

While Johnny Depp is known for his charming personality, his bad teeth always put a question mark and leave the fans confused. And fortunately, there are plenty of explanations present over the internet depicting his questionable dental condition.

Smoking and Childhood Abuse

Some reports claim that since Johnny Depp is a chain smoker, his habit tends to cause discoloration of teeth. However, other resources suggest that his worst teeth condition is because of his child abuse.

Johnny Depp teeth

To unwrap the truth, our experts have followed all the leads and come up with the exact reason for the same. We have found that Depp’s bad teeth condition is a combination of these speculations. Since he was abused during his childhood, he got addicted to smoking and drugs to cope with the problem, which in turn led to his tooth decay.

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Over the period of time, his habit got more prevalent and frequent. and the result is visible to all.

Addiction to Wine

In addition to drugs and smoking, the actor seemed to enjoy lots of alcohol. In a random interview, he himself admitted that he spent near about $30K a month on wine.

Since the wine is acidic in nature, you can really imagine how badly it can affect anyone’s tooth. Various sources also claim that Johnny Depp teeth turned yellow due to the deterioration of the enamel.


Aging might be yet another reason for his tooth decay. Some have speculated that his worst dental condition is because of growing age and genetics. It is also believed that Johnny Depp kept several gold teeth after completing his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean.

So, these could be reasons of Johnyy Depp teeth conditions. Since neither the actor’s PR nor Johnny Depp himself ever explained his dental problem, all these reasons are just rumored or speculated. There’s no exact reason for his problem yet known or confirmed.

It might be smoking, his rigorous wine habit, aging, or drug overuse. But whatever the reason is, we believe it’s none of the public business to comment on his personality or his tooth decay.

Do Fans Need to Bother by Johnny Depp Teeth Condition?

Well, the straight is NO. Fans and Media personalities should understand that actors are also human beings. They have their own space, especially when it comes to their personality and relationships. We are no one to comment on or judge them for personal problems.

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johnny depp teeth

The best thing is that Johnny Depp himself doesn’t get bothered by his teeth, which additionally makes the matter null and void. While Johnny Depp teeth condition has been a matter of discussion for the past few years, the actor never discussed it with the media.

He loves playing different, unique, and offbeat characters, irrespective of his tooth decay. He kept his mouth wide open in all his roles without thinking or getting bothered by his teeth condition.

Some Interesting Facts About Johnny Depp

Now that you are done with Johnny Depp teeth and the major reason behind their deterioration, it’s time to cover some interesting and fun facts about him. Take a look here.

  • Resources claim that the actor dropped out of high school at the age of 16 to continue his music career. But later, he discovered himself as a good actor, and the rest is history.
  • The complete name of Johnny Depp is John Christopher Depp II. He has three older siblings, namely Debbie, Daniel, and Christie.
  • You’ll be surprised to find out that Johnny Depp is one of the few actors belonging to Cherokee, Irish, German, and Navajo ancestry.
  • The actor was born in Kentucky but then moved to Florida at an early age.
  • During his childhood days, Johnny Depp was allergic to chocolates.
  • It was Nicholas Cage who encouraged Depp to act, and he then realized his acting skills and shifted to that career.
  • His long-term collaboration with the famous director Tim Burton began with his titular character, Edward Scissorhands, in 1990.
  • Johnny Depp has always been a lover boy. His first serious relationship began with fellow actress Winona Ryder in the early 90s. He also got her name tattooed, which now reads Wino Forever. But later, their relationship didn’t go well, and they parted ways.
  • Johnny Depp once owned a nightclub in the name of The Viper Room. But after the death of River Phoenix, he sold out the property.
  • While Johnny Depp was the great actor of all time, he is also one of the most controversial personalities. He was arrested twice, in 1994 for trashing a hotel room in NY and in 1999 for fighting with a media personality.
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Summing Up

That concludes what happened to Johnny Depp teeth. We hope you have enjoyed reading the guide and found it worth your time. Johnny Depp is one of the few famous personalities about whom people love to write and dig.

However, being human beings, media and fans should respect the actors’ and actresses’ personal space. While Johnny Depp’s dental decay is not hidden from anyone, but audience’s keen interest is quite bothersome.

If you like the post, then feel free to share it with others and stay tuned with us for more such inside news. Thanks for Reading!!

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