Did Kendall Vertes Get Plastic Surgery? Expert Insights

Kendall Vertes, a well-known dancer and actor, has been the subject of speculation regarding potential cosmetic enhancements. Fans and followers have often wondered if the young star has undergone any plastic surgery procedures to enhance her appearance.

However, as with many celebrities, the spotlight often shines on more than just their professional achievements. Over the years, whispers and speculations have arisen regarding Beverly’s ever-youthful appearance.

Did she get a nose job? Has she used fillers or Botox? While the site acknowledges Beverly’s natural beauty, it also presents a list of potential procedures, though without concrete evidence.

Is it the result of good genes, a rigorous skincare routine, or has she sought the expertise of cosmetic surgeons?

Who is Kendall Vertes?

Kendall Vertes is a renowned actor and dancer who gained significant attention as the youngest dancer to debut on “Dance Moms” in its second season.

She was chosen during an audition to replace Vivi Anne and later joined the Candy Apple’s Dance Centre.

Apart from dancing, Kendall also models, sings, and is a YouTuber. Her full name is Kendall K. Vertes, with the middle initial “K” honoring her cousins whose names start with the letter K.

Kendall is the daughter of Jill Vertes, who also appeared on “Dance Moms” alongside her. She has two sisters, Ryleigh and Charlotte.

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Did Kendall Vertes Have Plastic Surgery?

There has been speculation and rumors surrounding Kendall Vertes and potential plastic surgery. It’s not definitively confirmed whether she has undergone any cosmetic procedures.

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Natural Aging vs. Cosmetic Enhancements: Beverly’s appearance over the years indicates a graceful aging process. Some argue that her skin’s elasticity and the absence of wrinkles could be due to cosmetic procedures. However, others believe it’s a combination of good genetics and a healthy lifestyle.

What Cosmetic Surgeries Kendall Vertes Had?

The exact details of any cosmetic surgeries Kendall might have had are not clear. However, there have been speculations about potential procedures like lip injections, nose jobs, and facelifts. It’s essential to note that these are mere speculations and not confirmed facts.

Cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists, while not having treated Beverly, often provide insights based on their expertise. The general consensus is that if Beverly has had procedures, they’ve been minimal and tastefully done, enhancing her features rather than altering them drastically.

Kendall Vertes Nose Job

There is no concrete evidence to suggest that Kendall Vertes has had a nose job.

While age has added a touch of grace to her features, her radiant skin and defined facial structure remain consistent. This could be attributed to non-invasive procedures like fillers or Botox, which offer rejuvenation without the permanence of surgery.

Kendall Vertes Face Lift

Again, there’s no definitive information indicating that Kendall has undergone a facelift.

Kendall Vertes Lip Fillers

A discussion speculated about Kendall possibly getting lip injections. Some users believed she might be using FaceTune or makeup techniques to enhance her lips, while others thought she might have had lip injections.

there are several videos and comments related to Kendall Vertes and the topic of lip fillers. Some users have commented on her appearance, suggesting that her lips look different. However, these are user-generated content and might not always provide accurate or verified information.

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Did Kendall Vertes have braces?

Yes, Kendall Vertes did have braces. This was confirmed by an Instagram post from her mother, Jill Vertes, dated February 8, 2018, where she shared a “before and after” photo of Kendall, mentioning “No more braces for Kendall K! #smile.” Additionally, there are discussions and mentions on platforms like Reddit and Pinterest about Kendall having braces, further confirming that she had undergone orthodontic treatment at some point in her life.

Kendall Vertes hair transformation

  1. Early Days: In her early appearances on “Dance Moms,” Kendall often sported her natural brown hair, usually styled in buns, ponytails, or let down, suitable for her dance routines.
  2. Teenage Years: As she grew older, Kendall began experimenting with different hairstyles, including waves, straightened looks, and occasional updos for events and performances.
  3. Recent Years: Kendall has been seen with both long and shorter hair lengths, sometimes adding highlights or changing her hair color slightly. She has also showcased various styles, from sleek straight hair to voluminous curls, reflecting her evolving style and maturity.

What Skincare Routine Kendall Vertes Follows to Remain Young?

It appears that Kendall Vertes has shared her skincare routine in a video titled “SKIN CARE ROUTINE 2017” on YouTube.

  1. Burt’s Bees Skin Moisturizer: Priced at $8.00, this moisturizer is known for its natural ingredients and hydrating properties.
  2. Neutrogena Face Wipes: Priced at $8.00, these wipes are commonly used for removing makeup and cleansing the face.
  3. Vaseline: Priced at $5.00, Vaseline is a versatile product often used to moisturize dry areas, protect the skin, and even as a lip balm.

Kendall Vertes Over the Years Transformation

Kendall has undoubtedly grown and transformed over the years, both in her career and appearance. However, whether this transformation involves any plastic surgery remains a topic of debate and speculation.

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Childhood and Early Years on Dance Moms:
Kendall joined “Dance Moms” in its second season. As a young dancer, she showcased her talent and determination, quickly becoming a fan favorite. Her youthful appearance, combined with her energetic performances, made her stand out.

Teenage Years:
As Kendall entered her teenage years, fans noticed subtle changes in her appearance, which is natural as one grows up. Her facial features became more defined, and her style evolved to reflect her growing maturity.

Recent Years:
In recent years, Kendall has embraced a more mature look, reflecting her journey from a child dancer to a young adult in the entertainment industry. Her makeup choices, hairstyles, and fashion sense have evolved, showcasing her personal growth and transformation.

Throughout her journey, there have been speculations and rumors about potential cosmetic enhancements. Some fans and followers have wondered if Kendall has undergone any procedures, such as lip fillers, given the subtle changes in her appearance over the years. However, it’s essential to note that these are mere speculations, and there’s no concrete evidence to confirm any cosmetic procedures.


Kendall Vertes, with her talent and charm, has captured the hearts of many. While there are rumors and speculations about her possibly undergoing plastic surgery, there’s no concrete evidence to support these claims. It’s essential to appreciate her for her skills and contributions to the entertainment industry.


  1. Who is Kendall Vertes?
    • Kendall Vertes is a renowned actor and dancer known for her appearance on “Dance Moms.”
  2. Has Kendall Vertes had any plastic surgery?
    • There’s no definitive evidence to confirm if Kendall has undergone any cosmetic procedures.
  3. Did Kendall get lip injections?
    • There’s speculation about this, but no concrete proof.
  4. What is Kendall’s full name?
    • Her full name is Kendall K. Vertes.
  5. Has Kendall had a nose job?
    • There’s no concrete evidence to suggest she has.
  6. What other talents does Kendall possess?
    • Apart from dancing, Kendall models, sings, and is a YouTuber.
  7. How did Kendall join “Dance Moms”?
    • She made her debut in the second season after being selected in an audition to replace Vivi Anne.

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