Gangs Of London is back with bang than ever

For season 2, p Drsù’s Elliot received a thrilling reintroduction. The first episode of Sky’s Gangs of London’s second season premiered tonight. Moreover, it is with a bang and features all the twists, turns, and gory action.

It took ten minutes for us to reunite with Dr. Elliott. But it’s safe to say that he left a lasting impact when we did. We moved through a laundromat, plainly seeing the immediate aftermath of a whirlwind attack. Also, when we finally saw where it originated, it became apparent it was Elliot. The scene was full of bloody destruction.

Discussion With Media

When discussing this scene with some media lately, Corin Hardy said James Bond partially inspired it. Corin Hardy was the showrunner of the series. 

Also, James Bond was a legendary hero of the action genre. 

By Hardy We wanted a way to introduce our lead character on the job. Somewhat akin to what you’d get in a James Bond movie. 

Here you catch up with him at the end of a mission and treat it as a way to meet the character and show his personality. There’s this sequence in the laundrette when we’re moving through in the wake of what we later learn to be Elliot’s mayhem.

Then he isn’t just a cunning assassin. He has pretty skills. But he wanted to make sure it was clear that his operations weren’t exactly orderly. He drinks and appears exhausted due to the investors’ disastrous year.

It needs representation, so he thought it would be fascinating to start by taking the camera through what seemed to be an alley of death. Also, he was showing the kind of damage he’d left behind before being pushed into the lockers.

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Interview by Drsu

Gareth Evans, who oversaw this season’s episodes, was replaced by Hardy. Also, Drsù recently told a news source that the change-up resulted in a new mood for season 2. 

Regarding Hardy, Drusù said: “This season, he’s left his mark. He is unsure if that means it’s darker, more extensive, or more aggressive. But it felt different to film, so he anticipates the result will be different—the first season of Gangs of London on Sky right now. Season 2 will premiere on Sky and NOW on October 20, 2022. 

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