Resident Evil 4’s remake is better than ever on PS5

Resident Evil 4 is a classic. The best video game ever produced. It was, therefore, evident that a remake would take place. Capcom showcased many fresh gameplay clips from the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake at a sizable digital event today. 

Also, many iconic scenes and characters are returning in this new version, which significantly excites this old RE4 fan.

Best Action Horror Game – Resident Evil 4

One of the best third-person action-horror games ever created is Resident Evil 4. It was first launched back in 2005 exclusively for the Nintendo GameCube. It combines traditional survival horror themes with a then-new over-the-shoulder camera perspective and lighting controls. 

The protagonist of the story is Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 2. 

It has turned both humans and the surrounding wildlife into terrifying monsters. Then there is a lot of killing and inventory sorting. Hence, this new version, which debuts in March 2023, seems to adhere to the same concept largely. But with some minor adjustments. 

Capcom hinting of Resident Evil 4 – remake

The first hour of Resident Evil 4 appears to be recreated in the first gameplay clip that Capcom debuted at the event. Leon finds a run-down farmhouse in his search for information regarding Ashley Graham, the missing daughter. Since the scene is in the middle of the night, it is even creepier than it was in the first game.

One of Leon’s police bodyguards is discovered dead at one point. He overhears the other escort having a rough time on the radio after visiting a spooky basement littered with skulls. Also different from the original is this. However, those escorts met unfortunate ends in the original game as well. Leon learns about them in a somewhat different way. 

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When Leon arrives in the town, he finds a scene. He must battle the evil villagers, including a man with a chainsaw who can kill with a single blow. During this duel, Leon shows his proficiency with the conventional stun-kick-kill combo. 

When he burns the barn to get away, he also murders a poor cow. Leon made a bit of a jerk move. We can see that Leon has mastered the ability to move and shoot simultaneously. Also, it wasn’t possible in the first game. 

Leon may use his knife to deflect an opponent’s assault with his improved parry. Another indication that this is still Resident Evil and that things may get campy is how he uses his knife to stop a chainsaw from chopping him in half.

Some Arrivals are Back

And the fantastic attaché case inventory system is, in fact, back. The Merchant is also back while he still buys and sells stuff. He also now accepts gems as payment, allowing you to exchange these priceless gemstones. The original RE4 didn’t include it.

Finally, Capcom released a brand-new plot trailer with intriguing suggestions regarding potential future changes. There is a glimpse of Ashley pulling a gun on someone, possibly Leon or Ada, when she is wholly afflicted with the parasite. The plot teaser gave viewers a more detailed look at the new Ada Wong representation and several famous scenes, including the boss’s encounter with the lake monster.

Both modest and potentially significant gameplay and narrative adjustments appear shrewd. Nothing seems to be detracting from the tone and feel of the original game as of yet. Few video games are as readily available across almost every platform as Resident Evil 4 is. 

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On March 24, 2023, the Resident Evil 4 release remake will be for the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Owners of PS4 systems will also be able to update the game for free to the PS5 version. Pre-orders are also now available.

Stay tuned for further updates!


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