Constance Wu reveals about her suicide attempt in an Interview

In a heartfelt interview on the show, Red Table Talk, actor Constance Wu talked about the incident. Further, that incident led to her suicide attempt in 2019. Wu elaborated on her experiences playing the matriarch on ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat.

Also, it includes allegations of sexual assault by a producer and anger online for discussing the show’s renewal. The interview was on October 5.

Tweet of Constance Wu 

She claimed that the criticism Wu experienced after tweeting her disgust at the season six renewal was the straw that broke the camel’s back. And she received comments from another Asian American actress, calling her a blight on the Asian American community.

In the interview, she remarked, “She read these direct messages from an Asian actress who ought to have been one of her allies. She felt like nothing she could ever do would be adequate. She believed her death would be the only way to see that she was suffering as much as she believed deserved.”

Constance Wu says she tried to kill herself after tweets backlash - BBC News

Wu’s New Book

In her new book, Making a Scene, Wu wrote about climbing to the edge of her fifth-floor apartment building in New York City. Also, she was with a blanket after reading those DMs with the intention of jumping. 

She claimed a friend who had stopped by to check on her had scaled the ledge. Further, taken her to a mental health emergency hospital.

After the incident, she claimed she started visiting a psychologist and a psychiatrist daily for a while. “She needed it. She was in danger at that moment,” she said. Wu is 40 years old.

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Criticism Faced by Wu

Online commenters criticized her for being a diva and selfish for not taking into account the jobs of everyone on the show. She claims, “People didn’t know that she was sexually assaulted, bullied. And often threatened during her first few years on Fresh Off the Boat.” 

Wu claimed that she felt unable to speak out against the harassment. The most challenging part, she claimed, was that despite his sexist and harassing behavior toward her. she chose not to report it. Since the show served as a symbol of representation for Asian Americans, also she didn’t want to tarnish its reputation.

She remarked, “It is more difficult, according to Nadia Kim, a professor of sociology and Asian and Asian American studies at Loyola Marymount University. He spoke on the panel. There is great pressure put on these performers, like Constance Wu, to be perfect since there are so few Asian American stars.”

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