What is COPA Police? Meaning, Full Form and Role Explained

This is the second-largest municipal police department in the United States behind the New York Police Department. It is one of the oldest modern police forces in the world.

COPA Police: Full form

The full form of ( COPA) is the civilian office of police accountability. This is an Independence City agent of police officer misconduct and police shooting. They make recommendations about the discipline department police and other actions for different Policies but cannot take such action itself.

COPA Police: Meaning

This is the law enforcement agency of the US city under the jurisdiction of the City Council. It has approximately 12,000 officers and has 1925 other employees underworking them. Shikha ko department is one of the oldest modern police forces in the world.

COPA Police: Explanation

The COPA was formed in December 2018 35 it’s been 185 years ago there are 14 thousand 86 employees in 2020 and the annual budget was estimated to be $1.7 billion in the year 2020.

The operation jurisdiction area discovers is Chicago, Illinois, and the US. The size of the area that covered all over that is 237 square mi that means 610 kilometers square and the population covered that is 2705 988 in 2018 reports. There is no latest report about the population of These areas till now the legal jurisdiction as per the operation of Jurisdiction the governing body of Chicago is the Chicago City Council.

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They have 12000, 138 uniform employees and 948 civilian employees. The mayor of Chicago responsible for all these activities and the mayor of Chicago city is  Lori Lightfoot.

The agency executives are David brown super superintendent carton first Deputy Superintendent Robert boink Deputy super superintendent. 

In 1855 the new City Council passed Auden to formally established the Chicago police department. Chicago was divided into three Police Stations it’s off by the station houses. Station number one was located in the building on state street between the lake and Randolph street. The 2 police station was on west Randolph street Near des Plaines Street and the 3 stations were on the meeting Street since then renamed Hubbard street near the clerks street.

COPA Police: Controversy

The police department has a history of scandals police misconduct Corporation police beautifully and other controversies since 2019 the CPD has subject to a consent decree requiring the department to enact the form in discipline supervision training and reconducting of its Police officers. In 2017 the department of justice had a history of civil rights violations by the officer including a pattern and practice of police brutally abuse.

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