Eric Weinberg, former “scrubs” producer, charged with 18 counts of sexual abuse and assault

Eric Weinberg, arrested in July, and a co-executive producer on the TV show Scrubs. Moreover, he has been charged with 18 counts of sexual assault. He is currently undergoing a trial.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney mentioned some details about the 62-year-old. He used his Hollywood credentials to get young women to photoshoots, where he allegedly abused them.

What are the details about the conduct?

Weinberg was charged with six counts of sexual penetration by force. Moreover, it entailed four counts of oral copulation, three counts of forcible rape, and two counts of sexual battery by restraint.

He also faces one count each of assault by force likely to cause great bodily harm. Moreover, he attempted sexual penetration by force and false imprisonment by violence.

After being arrested in July, he paid a $5 million (£4.4 million) bond and got released from police custody. His court date is October 25 at the Foltz Criminal Justice Center in downtown Los Angeles.

Scrubs' producer Eric Weinberg charged with sex assaults - The Washington Post

What are the essential details of the  Eric Weinberg case?

A co-executive producer of the TV show Scrubs got arrested on multiple charges of sexual assault. In each case, he talked to the victims, and they went to his house, where he was accused of sexually assaulting them.

In 2017, the defendant was said to have used the same trick to bring a young woman back to his house. He sexually assaulted her in his home.

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What did the police mention about the Eric Weinberg Case?

The DA’s office also said that Weinberg is accused of sexually assaulting two women in separate incidents in 2018 and 2019. Weinberg helped run the TV show Scrubs as a co-executive producer 

LA County District Attorney George Gascon said, “The defendant used his Hollywood connections to get young women. He invited them to come for photo shoots where he allegedly sexually assaulted them.” “Power and influence can make some people hurt others. Moreover, this can cause trauma for the victims for the rest of their lives.”

'Scrubs' Co-EP Eric Weinberg Charged With18 Counts Of Sexual Assault – Deadline

What are further investigations leading to?

“The Bureau of Victim Services in my office is here to help with the healing process. Moreover, he ensures that all victims get the help and guidance they need to get back on their feet.” The Los Angeles Police Department is still looking into the case. Moreover, they have asked other victims or people with information to get in touch with them.

Let's see what will happen next. Catch up for more such updates!

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