The 5 Year Old Moroccan Boy Dies Pulled Out Dead

A 5-year-old Moroccan boy who had mistakenly fallen into a well was finally pulled out of the well. Unfortunately, he had succumbed before the rescuers managed to pull him out. The well was about 100 feet deep. This incident had received widespread attention from the media and people in Morocco. The royal palace of Morocco has released a statement confirming and condoling the child’s death.

The Whole Story behind the Unfortunate Death of the Moroccan Boy

The name of the young boy was Rayan Avram. The exact circumstances which led to the boy falling into this 32-meter deep well are not clear at the moment. The well was located in his parents’ property in the hills near Chefchaouen. The parents heard some muffled cries and used their phone’s flashlights to find out that the boy had fallen into the well. After this, they contacted the authorities and began the rescue operations.

The Rescue Operations To Save the Moroccan Boy

The rescuers tried to keep the boy alive amidst the bitter cold by supplying water, food and water through a tube. The size of the well was so small that they could not climb down into it. So, they dug a hole parallel to the well the boy had fallen into. However, they encountered a hard rock.

This delayed the rescue operations. The soil was also very loose. This forced the rescuers to go slow. They were afraid that the digging may cause cracks from below and the soil may collapse on the boy. This could have led to fatal consequences for both the boy as well as the rescuers.

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As the rescue operations were carried out hundreds of people gathered near the well to support the operations. Simultaneously, thousands of people rallied online supporting the boy and his family. The village has is home to about 500 people, most of whom are farmers and are dependent on irrigation.

Most of the wells in the region are covered. There was an ambulance as well as a helicopter on standby to provide immediate medical care to the boy once he was pulled out. However, the Moroccan King Mohammed VI had to later announce that despite their best efforts, the boy could not be rescued alive. He expressed his condolence to the boy’s parents.

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