“Burn Twitter To The Ground”: Seth Rogen to his Mother After she Tweeted About Sex

After the Canadian Actor, Seth Rogen’s mother tweeted about having great sex, he told his mother to burn twitter down to the ground. This reply has gained widespread attention by Seth’s fans. This is not the first time celebrities have engaged in hilarious conversations with their families and friends on Twitter.

Seth Rogen’s Mother’s Tweet

Seth Rogen’s mother, ¬†Sandy Rogen . had tweeted: “You know how when you give blood you get a little badge that says, ‘I gave blood today,’ well there should be one that says ‘I had great sex today.’ Haha ha.”

To this, an embarrassed¬† Seth Rogen jokingly replied, “Burn this app to the ground.”

This was not the first time that Seth Rogen’s mother has made a friendly remark about sex on social media. in 2019 as well, Sandy has made a similar tweet. She had said: “Husband has a cold. Husband says kisses during sex don’t have germs.”

In 2017, she had tweeted: “Falling asleep after sex is like Shavasana after yoga!” Funny replied to this were given by Seth and his big sister Danya.

Seth replied: “Jesus f—— Christ mom,”. Along with this he also retweeted her original tweet. His sister chimed in by saying: “Seriously. I actually gagged,”. She also accompanied her tweet with a funny sick face emoji.

Fan’s Responses

These hilarious conversations between the Neighbour’s actor, Seth Rogen and his family have always garnered much attention and love by his fans. This time was no different. Several fans added on to the banter with their funny tweets as well.

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“Dear Seth, Today is not the day to check in on Mom’s Twitter,” one fan told the Superbrad’s star actor.

Several Twitter users made sure with their tweets that the 39-year old actor did not miss his mother’s tweet.¬† The comedian and his family certainly know how to bring a smile across his family’s life.

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