One Punch Man Chapter 158: Release Date And Read Manga Online

Have you been reading One Punch Man? Can’t wait to read One Punch Man Chapter 158? Then you’ve come to the right place.

One Punch Man is an action-comedy story with Saitama as our protagonist in a world where monsters terrorize the different cities and the heroes fight to maintain peace and gain popularity. One Punch Man Chapter 157 has just been released and readers of the manga are know waiting for the release of chapter 158

One Punch Man Chapter 158: Synopsis

One Punch Man tells the story of Saitama, who once dreamt of being a hero and trained hard for 3 years: but maybe he trained a bit too hard. Saitama has become so ridiculously strong that he can literally defeat anyone with just a single punch, but lost all of his hair in the process. However, having no one who can compare to his might has caused Saitama to face an unanticipated problem: he no longer enjoys the thrill of the fight and has grown bored.

One day, Saitama draws the attention of Genos, a 19-year-old cyborg who sees Saitama’s strength and aspires to become his pupil. Genos suggests that the two become members of the Hero Association in order to become certified heroes who will be acknowledged for their positive contributions to society.

Saitama immediately agrees, surprised that no one knows who he is. Saitama embarks on a new voyage as a member of the Hero Association, meeting new allies and facing new opponents in order to relive the thrill of battle he previously felt.

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One Punch Man Chapter 158: Release Date and Raw Scans/Leaks:

The release date for One Punch Man Chapter 158 is set for the third or final week of February 2022. The One Punch Man series does not have a consistent release schedule. The mangaka prefers to release chapters on his own schedule and priorities, which generates a great deal of confusion among fans.

Raw scans, which will be provided a few days before the official release date, are typically the source of leaks. While these leaks aren’t always accurate translations, they do offer us a decent indication of what to expect in the next chapter.

The last chapter of One Punch Man ended with a bang an unexpected team-up between S-Class Hero Metal Bat and Garou and now fans all over the world can’t wait for Chapter 158 and are curious as to how the story is going to move along, especially since our protagonist, Saitama is back in action. Waiting for the release of the next chapter is going to be tough. So, till then, you can read our articles about other ongoing and popular manga.

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