Top 3 Movies Which Won the Box-Office Race of This Year:

There is always a race in studios. The race is justified. They have invested so much money and time on a movie that they want it to earn more than any movie on the box office. There will always be a race. It has not always been like this, But in today’s world money matters. And because of money, they can make more movies. Or can help niche artists to make their movies. This year is not so great for movies though. There have been some movies that have done great at the box office in the world. We are not just talking about Hollywood right now. So, presenting you with the top-grossing movies of this year from around the world.


This movie is a sweet comedy. It’s a story about a girl who knows her mom has not the best life yet. Feeling sympathetic she goes back in time in the hope to make the life of her mom amazing. It’s a Chinese movie and the original language for this movie is Mandarin. You can watch this movie with subtitles or dub. It grossed over 8oo million dollars. The movie had a huge success. The cost of the movie is 380 million dollars.


This is the third part of this franchise. It’s one of the most profitable movies in china. The third movie follows the same pattern in the previous movies. These movies have the same formula which works every time as they can capture an audience. The movie is about investigators who have been summoned to solve a crime. This is pure comedy and everyone needs to watch it. The movie grossed over 690 million dollars. It was made under 120 million. That’s a big margin.

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This was the most awaited movie of this year. The movie was supposed to finally show the fight between our two titans, Godzilla and Kong. And we clearly saw who is more powerful. Godzilla is way better than kong. But they try to make us sympathetic to a monkey, no offense. But at last, the movie released and it received a mixed reaction from critics but the audience loved it. It grossed over 400 million dollars and was made with 200 million dollars. That’s a good profit for a movie that critics did not like.

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