Lady Gaga Disclosed her Sexual Assault by a Producer and Made her Pregnant Which Leads to a Psychotic Break

The sensational singer Lady Gaga opened up her personal life when she was sexually assaulted at the age of 19 and went through mental illness. 

In 2014, the singer disclosed her sexual assault in a radio interview, and later in 2016 she talked about her PTSD diagnosis. But she never opened up her pregnancy’s secret to the media till now.  

Lady Gaga shared the cause of her pregnancy and being raped: 

On 21st May 2021 Lady Gaga, a 35 years old Grammy and Oscar-winning singer revealed her bad past to the public. This news of Lady Gaga appalled everyone in the music industry, where a producer raped her at the age of 19. And she didn’t disclose anything to the media as she wants to stay and grow up in the music industry at that time. The incident traumatized her which leads to a psychotic break from her career. 

When a producer addressed her to sleep with him. Gaga said that “he came to me and asked me to take off the clothes. And if I demur him, he blackmailed me saying that he would burn all of my music.”

“I was so excruciating to live where they keep on asking me, and I was frozen, don’t know what to do.” later she continued “he made me pregnant and dropped me on the corner of my parent’s house. I’m sick and vomit every time due to the pregnancy. No one was there where I was being sexually abused.”

“They kept me locked in the studio for months and agonize me. It’s been two years to overcome such acute life and had a total psychotic break. And from that onwards, I was never the same girl”.

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And her improvement in the mental illness was a slow rise as she was easily triggered in that six months of pregnancy.  The singer encourages and bolsters others to overcome mental illness, is the one who suffered in the past.

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