UK ‘SUPER’ Covid Strain is in USA and KILLING Fast, Doctors Warns of 4th Wave in Inevitable and DEADLIEST

The coronavirus pandemic started about a year ago and still there’s no stopping the transmission of the deadly virus. When people though that they have beaten the virus, a new strain pops up and causes massive adversity. The health officials recorded a new strain of coronavirus in the UK, called B.1.1.7. This new variant is more deadly, highly transmissible and deadly.

Now, the deadly U.K. coronavirus strain has crossed the countries and are recorded in several other countries. The director of CDC, Rochelle Walensky recently confirmed that the same deadly U.K. coronavirus strain is the common COVID-19 found in the United States. This U.K. strain is continuing to infect Americans and is repeatedly putting the people in harm’s way.

B.1.1.7 is the most common lineage of the coronavirus that has been hurting the whole wide world. The previous strains used to attack the older age groups and the youths were luckily spared. However, this U.K. strain is infecting all age groups, including the youths and young people. The strain is reportedly more powerful than the previous one that it has been infecting younger people.

Doctors fear and warns 4th deadly coronavirus wave

Doctors across the country fear that the next coronavirus wave is already in the corner. The recent reports suggest that the number of coronavirus patients are increasing in at least 27 states in the US. New York, California and Louisiana are the among 27 states that are seeing sudden rise in the coronavirus cases. The major reason for this rise is the rapid spread of the deadly U.K. strain.

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CDC’s director revealed that they are understanding the nature of the new highly transmissible strain. She advised people from the high containment community not to hold any large events or any crowded sports activities. The director also urged the state authorities to send the vaccine to those areas where the cases are increasing. Doctors have requested people to take the news seriously and get vaccinated as soon as possible.

The reports mentioned that the number of infection in young children from age 10 years to 19 years is increasing more rapidly than the other age group. Walensky asked the state officials to mandate masks as Arkansas recently lifted the mask order.

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