Is Kanye West Missing? His Ex-Business Manager Unable to Find him: Report

Kanye West missing: Thomas St. John, Kanye West’s top financial adviser for the past 18 months, is now reportedly suing him. A report said that Kanye West’s former business manager thinks the rapper is “missing” because he hasn’t been able to find him for several weeks. Is Kanye West Missing? His Ex-Business Manager Unable to Find him. 

The Independent said that Thomas St. John, who has been Kanye West’s top financial advisor for the past 18 months, is now suing him for not paying him.

Thomas St. John asked for more time to serve Kanye West with the lawsuit papers because he couldn’t find the rapper, a report said.

On the court papers, Kanye West, who is also known as Ye, is named as the defendant. The court papers that The US Sun got show that Thomas St. John is asking for more time to serve Kanye West.

The report said that Thomas St. John and his team had had trouble getting in touch with Kanye West’s lawyers.

“We were told that there was a new law firm for defendants, but we weren’t told who to talk to. “Later, we read in the news that the law firm listed as new counsel was not connected to the defendants,” the court filing said.

Rapper “has been hard to find for weeks”

West has done several interviews in the last few months, including ones with Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes, and Tim Pool. In those interviews, he said anti-Semitic things that made people worldwide angry.

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He said something shocking on Alex Jones’s web show, Infowars. He said, “I like Hitler.” Adidas and Balenciaga broke their contract with Ye because of his “hateful and dangerous” views.

Is Kanye West Missing?

On Raphousetv’s official Twitter page, the rapper’s former business manager wrote that the rapper “hasn’t been seen in weeks.” The Donda singer caused a stir when he said he would run for president in 2024.

He then got into a heated argument with the former president of the Republic, Donald Trump. His fans talked about him online and wondered where he was.

One wrote, “Is Kanye really missing? If this is true, we have to find him. “Strangely, Kanye isn’t there,” said someone else. “According to reports, Kanye West is missing. “Let’s hope it stays that way,” the third said in jest.

Is Kanye West Really Missing?

There seems to be some truth to the claim that Kanye West has gone missing. The U.S. Sun says that Kanye’s former business manager, Thomas St. John, has been hard to find as he tries to serve him with a $4.5 million lawsuit.

Thomas said that Kanye wasn’t in court so that he could get more time to serve his lawsuit, which was about allegedly unpaid fees.

Thomas also said that he couldn’t get in touch with Kanye’s lawyers.

Is Kanye West Missing?

The document asking for an extension says, “We were told about a new law firm for defendants, but we weren’t told who to talk to.” “Later, we found out through the news that the law firm named as the new counsel was not connected to the defendants. So, we haven’t been able to get papers to the defendants through their lawyers.”

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The document goes on to say that, in general, Thomas’s lawyers have had trouble figuring out Kanye’s best current address.

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“Despite our best efforts, we could not find Mr. West’s current home address. Because of this, we have not yet tried to serve him personally. Instead, we tried to serve him by mail at several possible addresses listed in the filing.

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