Kanye West No longer a billionaire as Company Cut Partnership

As a result of the controversial rapper’s repeated anti-Semitic comments, Adidas terminated its relationship with Kanye. Forbes took the musician’s name from its list of billionaires list. 

Further, it is a result of the German sportswear giant’s action. Losing his connection with Adidas was a massive blow to Kanye West’s wealth.

Report by Forbes on Kanye

According to Forbes on October 25, West is no longer a millionaire since Adidas severed its ties with the rapper over his repeated antisemitic remarks. 

Forbes estimated West’s partnership with the German clothing firm to be worth US$1.5 billion. Also, Forbes claims that his net worth would only be US$400 million without it.

Adidas cut ties with Kanye

Adidas said on October 25 that it had decided to end its relationship with rapper Ye. This rapper Ye is also known as Kanye West. Also, West was 45 years old. It had “immediately” stopped making the rapper’s “Yeezy” line of footwear and apparel.

According to Adidas, the firm “does not allow any type of hate speech, including anti-Semitism.” Ye has recently made statements and taken action. It is terrible, dangerous, and against the organization’s inclusion, respect, and fairness principles.

The decision by MRC Movie Company

The action took shortly after and terminated the West’s representation by the talent agency CAA. The movie company MRC decided not to broadcast a finished documentary about the 24-time Grammy winner.

In response to tweets deemed anti-Semitic, including one in which West threatened to “go death con three on Jewish people.” West’s Instagram account was blocked. 

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Moreover, shut down his Twitter account earlier this month. Among other dubious statements, West has caused controversy. It is when he asserted on the Revolt TV show Drink Champs. George Floyd died from the opioid fentanyl.

“Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian have sex by the fireplace to honor their grandma,” they claimed on a news source. The Jewish Zionists concerned with that life are asking this Christian woman with four black children to spread. It message through the media, West claimed on the program.

Kardashian and West had four children in 2014 after marriage. In addition to October 24 statement denouncing hate speech. She filed for divorce last year. 

Hate speech is never acceptable or justifiable, “tweeted” Kardashian. She demands an immediate end to the horrifying acts of violence and hateful words against the Jewish community. She stands with them.

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