Akudama Drive Season 2 Release Date and Production Schedule in 2021

Akuma drive is a Japanese anime for which the first season is released already and now we will see the release date and schedule for season 2 of the Japanese cyberpunk anime.

About Akudama Drive anime

The Japanese anime had to be aired in July this year but it has been delayed because of the pandemic. Hence, it was aired in October 2020. the story of this anime basically depicts the criminals, Akudama who were chased by the government.

It was written by Kazutaka Kodaka and the main character of the anime is Akudama itself. The anime was streamed on the website of Funimation in North America, Mexico, the British Isles, and Brazil.

Akudama Drive Season 2 Release Date and Production Schedule in 2021

The viewers were very much excited for season 1 and watched it with full excitement and enthusiasm. It has got many positive reviews and high ratings for the same. The first season has been aired on 8, October 2020.

Release date and schedule for season 2

So, the release date and the whole schedule for season 2 of the thrilled and the cyberpunk Japanese anime “Akudama Drive ” has been released. it will be premiered in 2021 and the months are as follows:-

episode1  – November 2021

episode 2 – November 2021

and all the further episodes are approximately aired in the last of 2021(November or December ) as per the news. after the massive success of the episodes that have been aired till now, fans are eagerly waiting for the next episodes and season 2 too.

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Akudama Drive Season 2 Release Date and Production Schedule in 2021

The cast of the drive

There are approx. 7 main characters of this anime are.

Hacker-He can hack anything for fun and can also control the drone and use it as a weapon.

Brawler– he is somehow dumb but he is one of akudama’s wanted criminals.

Hoodlum-he escapes from the Kansai prison during the cutthroat heist .and tries to let himself a bigger criminal of akudama.

Courier-he can deliver any package to the recipient but for money, as he always works for money.

Doctor– he is a sexy surgeon, chemist, and doctor who has the ability to heal himself from various injuries.

Cutthroat– he was obsessed with red color and was on Death row until freed by the akudamas.

Ordinary person– she is a woman who works at the Kansai seal office and was arrested for not paying the food bill.

apart from these characters, there are also a lot more characters in the anime too. so it will be very interesting to watch the anime.


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