Victoria Spader: Everything About James Spader’s ex-wife you need to know

You must’ve heard about the popular actor James Spader. But, in this article, we will tell you everything about his ex-wife, Victoria Spader.

Who is Victoria Spader?

Victoria Spader became a public figure after getting into a relationship with James Spader. She was not very famous before tying knots with the Spader family. Although, her own family has ancient ties with Hollywood as her parents were popular set designers.

She decided to carry her family’s legacies and now work in films as a designer of sets. If you have seen the movie, Jack’s Back, you may find it amusing that the set was designed by her.

Victoria Spader

Victoria Spader’s Early life

Victoria Spader’s full name is Victoria Kheel Spader. She was born in the Kheel family, who are known for working in the film sector for a long time. Being born in 1959 into the beautiful city of New York, Victoria lived a great life.

She is 61 years old as of now. Her mother’s name is Lee and her father’s name is Julian. We don’t know much about them as all their life they have worked behind the scenes and not much is known about them.

Victoria Spader

What do we know about Victoria Spader’s Career?

Victoria Spader decided to opt for the career that her family worked for many years. Her dad is known for working in adjusting the audio and sound. However, no doubt that she wasn’t great in her career, but when she got into a relationship with the actor James Spader, she got a spotlight that helped her as a ladder in the path of success. She even got to work for famous movies.

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What is the estimated net income of Victoria Spader?

Victoria Spader always worked hard behind the scenes and even long before her name was tied with the popular actor, she had established the foundation of her career. Although she lived a private life and nothing can be said for certain. We can surely assume that the net income she earned in the year couldn’t be less than $2 million.

Relationship timeline with James Spader

James Spader is a well-known actor. You may know him from the popular movie, The blacklist, or the popular comedy-drama series “The Office”. He is a remarkable actor and wherever he has worked, he surely has left footprints for the ages to come. Though his past wasn’t great, and he had to work part-time to reach where he is today.

While working in a part-time job as a yoga instructor, he met the former love of his life, Victoria Kheel Spader. The time went by, and the couple fell for each other. It wasn’t long when they decided to spend the rest of eternity together and tied knots to one another in the year 1987. They lived a happy life and even had two kids together. Sebastian and Elijah have followed their family’s path too by working in the film sector.

Everything was going well for the couple, and they were with each other for more than 17 long years. However, once there was a rumor that James Spader was caught with one of his co-actors, who is currently his wife, and this resulted in the dispute between these two. It wasn’t long before Victoria decided to part her ways with James.

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Victoria Spader

However, there is not much information about Victoria Spader’s current relationship status. She has lived a private life and continues to do so. She is happy with her career and her kids. James tied knots with Leslie Stefanson and brought a kid into their life.

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