Catching Killers, New Crime Series: Release Date and Watch Online

Catching Killers is an upcoming Netflix documentary series that is scheduled to release on 4th November 2021. Fans are waiting for the new show.

The show is an investigative series where the horrifying details of crimes behind infamous killers are revealed. This true-crime documentary is produced by Ron Goetz, Simon Dekker, and Diana Sole Walko. JJ Holoubek acts as the narrator in the series.

More about Catching Killers

This crime documentary is an investigation of the behind scenes of real crimes. The investigators get into details of everything, including the first signs of a decaying body or the site of a murder.

They explain the methods of detecting crimes back in the days when many resources weren’t available as today. The audience is given intricate details from the dangerous killer’s mind to how they’re able to figure out the nature of a crime.

The show is a walk-through from the happening of a crime to the capture of the killer. The investigators piece together information that is available on the site and the victim’s body. Each crime and killer’s motive varies.

They also brief about the psychology of a killer and also detectives that work in this field. In the trailer, a detective says that When a person sees something like that, it has some effect on them. If it doesn’t, in his opinion they’re not human.

Catching Killers

The show will have ten episodes and each episode deals with two cases. The titles in order are: When Many Kill, Clan Connected Killer, Killing for Cash, Killing Couples, Controlling Killers, Close Up Killers, Killing that Special Someone, Confessing Killers, Show Off Killers, and Driven to Kill.

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Catching Killers: Release Date

Netflix has already released many interesting documentaries. The next one coming up this month is the Catching Killers, which will be launched on November 4, 2021.

Watch Show Online

Catching Killers will be officially streamed on Netflix from November 4.

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