Jenna Vulcano: Everything About Sal Vulcano Sister You Need to Know

Jenna Vulcano is the sister of an American stand-up comedian, Sal Vulcano. Here’s everything you’ll need to know about her.

Jenna’s brother, Sal is a member of a comedian’s group called The Tenderloins. The group consists of Joe Gatto, James Murray, Brian Quinn, and Sal himself. These four men have been very close friends since high school and they run a show called Impractical Jokers. 

This is a reality show that debuted in December 2011. The show consists of certain games and the one who gets the most downvotes is given a punishment.

Jenna’s Biography

She was born on August 4, 1986, on Staten Island, New York. Her father is Sal Vulcano Sr.and her mother is Dianne Fernadez Vulcano. She’s currently 35 years old. She’s 178 cm tall and weighs 54kg. She’s of white ethnicity and American nationality.

Jenna has two siblings, brother Salvatore and sister Dana. Their parents divorced when Jenna was young. She studied at Monsignor Farrell High School. She and her siblings have maintained a strong bond through the years. Sal Vulcano is a famous producer, comedian, and actor. Dana Vulcano’s life is kept completely private, unlike Sal and Jenna’s.

Appearance on Impractical Jokers

Impractical Jokers is a reality show that’s telecasted on TruTV. Sal is one of the comedians featured on the show and he’s also part of the production team. Jenna made some special appearances on the show. The concept of the show is to give outdares and punishments. Sal has received the most punishments so far but his sister’s marriage prank had to be his worst nightmare.

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She appeared on three episodes. The first one was Strip High Five in which Joe’s sister Carla had appeared too. Another episode that featured Jenna was Down in the Dump. The pranks on this episode included Jenna kissing one of Sal’s friends, Quinn. The third episode was Brother-in-loss in which Jenna marries James Murray as a punishment for Sal.

This episode was in 2014, James and Jenna married legally for the prank. Sal was blindfolded and his mouth was taped as he was taken to the wedding venue. Their family and friends witnessed as they played a video of how they fell in love with each other. Sal tried to laugh it off but the pair signed the papers at the City Clerk Office. James mentioned that it’s revenge for making his skydive. Later that day, the marriage was annulled. This was one of the very intense pranks on the show.

Career and Hobbies

She’s an actress by profession. She came into the spotlight with her feature on her brother’s TV series. Before that, she worked as a coordinator and receptionist. Jenna’s appearance in Impractical Jokers boosted her followers but after that, she has gone private. Now she’s working as a medical receptionist in Staten Island, New York.

She likes to watch comedy shows or films. She mentioned Leslie Nielson and Jim Carrey as her favorite actors. She’s an animal lover and she’s done many charity works too. Another passion for her is partying. She loves going to parties or concerts, meeting new people, and enjoying rap/pop songs.

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Her Love Life

Jenna dated a man named Shamus before 2014. She married James Murray on the TV show but they divorced right after that. Although it was a real marriage, it was only a prank. But according to rumors Jenna and James dated till 2017. James married Melyssa Davies in 2020. Currently, the relationship status Jenna remains single.

Jenna Vulcano

Social Media

Jenna had a Twitter account ‘xx_Jenna_xx_’ where she used to be active. She had shared her wedding pictures with James Murray on that page. But currently, Jenna isn’t publicly available on any social platforms.

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