Manifest Cancelled at NBC after three successful seasons, Lets Find out why

Manifest, a Television series created by writer and producer JEFF RAKE, scheduled broadcast on NBC network since its release, unanticipatedly the show has to stop its journey and excluded to entertain its fans. The reasons are explained below.

Why was Manifest got Cancelled?

The supernatural show made its debut on NBC back in 2018, was an instant huge hit with designer, script, and cast which left fans drawn to the show immediately, requesting to add extra episodes of the first season.

Season 1 averaged 12.607 Million viewers in Just U.S and for the second season the average number of viewers fell down to 7.698, season 3 was even worse recorded only 4 Million average viewers which is quite noticeable. In truth, however, the commercial networks give priority to their ratings rather than sticking to ethics.

In spite of the Pandemic, the crew brought the latest installment of the show to fans, which is disturbing and hard to digest right after the release of the third season in April. Fans still wish and hope to complete the show with a perfect ending.

What will be the future of Manifest

Profit and loss is a fundamental aspect of commercial business, the fate of any show depends on the ratings, average numbers of viewers, Profit in return from which you have invested.

The efforts of the cast, production, the creator is just rosewater poured in ashes. The feelings of each and every person that have contributed for Manifest to happen was hurt by the reckless decision and confined before it could achieve something huge in the future.

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Although NBC has committed to releasing the complete Six seasons now left the show cluelessly, also no prediction of renewal for the next season. Technically, the showrunner is one of those who will get hurt majorly if the show got canceled, as he is the one who invests his energy, time, money into it .

The creator of the show Jeff reacted by sending a message to fans on Twitter that “He was devastated ” to hear the Drama had been canceled and he was keen to find it a new home. Also other actors reacting, in the same way, saying ” we so wished we could’ve finished this journey with you. But it wasn’t in the cards”.

I completely wish and hope that Manifest would come back to fans and entertain them, I believe that Manifest would find its space, recreate its own history. Right now there is no chance of season 4 , but there is a slight possibility through the other Network, who are capable enough to purchase the rights.

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