Elite season 5 is Confirmed: Expected Release Date, New Characters and Plot. Check out the Latest Updates!

Elite season 5 will be returning on Netflix, probably in the first half of 2022, meanwhile, the series has been released its following season on 18th June 2021.

the production wrapped up once the elite season 4 has been quelled at the time of Christmas 2020. And begun to work on the next script of the elite series. According to some reports, the completion of season 5 takes time, as it requires four months for filming. And another six months for pre-production needed for the crew before screening on Netflix. It is assumed that the elite production finished off the filming of season 5 before March 2021. So we would foresee season 5 at the beginning or the middle of 2022.

What happened in the previous season of Elite:

As we know, the story has introduced three main characters to the intrigue to spicy up. Ari, Mencia and Patrick are the children of Benjamin, who is the current principal of the Las Encinas High School. The story commences, when Benjamin set new rules which sound against the old students. So they all have a hatred towards Benjamin’s kids- Ari, Patrick, and Mencia. When Rebeka and Mencia develop a feeling for each other, to sustain a stable financial life. Mencia starts earning on her own while engaging in bad business with Armando. on the other hand, Ari is baffled about her feelings with Guzman and Samuel.

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In the end, things get heat up, in the new year party when Armando force Mencia to come with him. Ari fights with Armando to protect her sister Mencia. But Armando knocks down Ari violently. And Guzman unexpectedly kills Armando with a flare gun.

The series ends, where Ander and Guzman leave Las Encinas. Besides Mencia says everything about Armando to her father Benjamin.

What do we expect in season 5?

We will see what is gonna happen between Ari and  Samuel, after knowing that Guzman has left the school. The story of Patrick who is still vexed about Ander getting back to Omar. Furthermore, three new roles have been introduced by the production on Tuesday. Valentina Zenera as Sofia, André Lamoglia as Gonzalo and Adam Nourou as Eric are the new students to the school in season 5.

Who is coming back in the elite season 5?

As we could see that Ander and Guzman leaving the city. So possibly we will be seeing Samuel, Rebeka, Catyena and Omar back at the school. Besides Patrick, Ari and Mencia will also stay at the school until Benjamin gets to quit his Job as Principal. Other than that, we would never see them coming back of few old characters of the Elite series such as Nadia (Mina El Hammani, Carlo (Ester Exposito) and Valerio (Jorge Lopez).

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