Mysterious BLACK FUNGUS & WHITE FUNGUS Deadly than COVID is Ravaging USA

The whole world is distressed with the coronavirus pandemic and everyone is hoping for the pandemic to end in any way possible. However, the deadly virus is continuing to affect billions of people worldwide with new variants and rare infections resulted from the virus. Multiple countries in the world like US, UK, and India has suffered the second or third wave of the deadly coronavirus.

A rare fungal infection has surged in India, while the country is struggling to combat the deadly second wave of coronavirus. The new reports suggest that the recovering patients of coronavirus are developing a rare infection called black fungus. This rare infection, also called mucormycosis, is targeting the recovered patients whose immune system were destroyed by the coronavirus.

That’s not it, amid the increasing numbers of black fungus reports, cases of another fungal infection has also risen in the country. The white fungus is reportedly more deadly and dangerous than the previous discovered fungal infection, black fungus. However, the patients suffering from the fungal infection didn’t test positive for the coronavirus. But the infection is attacking the vital organs, including lungs.

PC: John Minchillo/AP

Black Fungus and White Fungus have now reported in the US, as well.

The fungal infections, which is more deadly than the coronavirus have also ravaged the USA. A new report suggest that the black fungus cases was also reported in the USA. The deadly fungal infection has 50% mortality rate. More than 7000 people have already contracted the infection and more than 200 people have already died. The CDC said that the group of molds called mucormycetes causes the infection.

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Black fungus or a white fungus initially affect the patients nose, but later the infections can affect the brain, too. The infection has mostly affected the patients who were vulnerable to the coronavirus. There have been very few and rare cases of mucormycosis prior to the latest surge. The fungus isn’t normally contagious, but it can develop into the person infected with the coronavirus.

These infections mostly grows in sinuses and brain and that’s why people with COVID-19 are reportedly at higher risk to develop the infection.

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