4th Stimulus Check APPROVED by Joe Biden and Democrats, Pushed to July 2021 Along Child Tax Credit

Millions of Americans are still waiting for the official announcement of the next round of Stimulus Checks. Is the plan for new direct payments still moving forward? Since the past few weeks, citizens and handful of lawmakers are pressuring the president and pushing forward for the fourth round of Stimulus Checks. However, as things stand, the lawmakers are divided over the next round of payment.

Democrats and some big lawmakers in both House and Senate wants the president to sign new plan to provide the Americans with new direct payments. However, some lawmakers, especially Republicans, are arguing that it will be better if the money is spent elsewhere. The IRS is currently delivering the third round of Stimulus Checks to the households weekly and has already delivered more than 165 million direct payments.

Democrats and Republicans have opposing views regarding the next round of stimulus checks. A majority of Republicans previously mentioned that the direct payments are discouraging people to return to their work. Also, they further mentioned that the new round isn’t necessary as the economy is currently poised to boom. Meanwhile, Democrats say that millions of adults are still going hungry, and they need stability, and certainty to pay their bills and put food on the table.

4th Stimulus Checks on Biden’s new economic plans.

The President of the United States, however, hasn’t publicly committed to the fourth stimulus checks. But, a White House insider reported that there is a high possibility of the fourth checks after the completion of the third round. People would most potentially receive the next round of checks along with child tax credit and child and dependent care credit. If passed, the new checks would be worth around $2000 per individual.

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Millions of qualified Americans can receive thousands of dollar in child tax credit. The IRS will send the first check to the eligible families on July 15, 2021. Each month the eligible household will receive maximum $300 per child aged 5 and under. Meanwhile, the eligible households will receive maximum $250 per child aged between 6 and 17 each month. Also, if the families have been paying for child care services this year, then they can receive up to $16,000 for child care expenses.

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