2 People Killed and Several Others Injured in Minneapolis Shooting

Shooting in downtown Minneapolis early this Saturday has left 2 people dead and 8 injured.

Another incident of people going rogue during verbal confrontations have occurred in Minneapolis. Continue reading to know the details of this incident.

The incident

An argument between two men has led to this shooting. They started arguing in a crowded area and pulled out their guns in the heat of the argument. Since there were many people around them at that time, they got caught in the crossfire.

Officers working close by heard the gunshots and came running to the scene. By the time they had arrived at the scene, 2 men had already died.

Deaths and injuries

2 people were reported dead at the scene both of them were men. Out of 10 people who were injured 5 were men and the other 5 women. 7 of the victims were taken to hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries and one man was in critical condition.

The Minneapolis Police department has said that the names of the victims and the cause of death would be revealed a while later.


According to the police report, the site of crime is 300 block of N. 1st Ave. This is the downtown area of Minneapolis which is known for its higher rate of crimes in the city. This shooting took place close to where George Floyd was murdered.

The MPD has said that there is no active threat right now and that the order has been restored at the scene and the surrounding areas. Information on suspects and motives will be released after further investigation.

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