Why did Aldon Smith Surrenders to Authorities?

Seattle Seahawks defensive end player Aldon Smith has surrendered to the authorities on charges of second-degree battery in Louisiana on Tuesday night, the 20th April 2021. An arrest warrant was issued on 19th April by the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office for Smith given an alleged assault that happened in the New Orleans area on April 17.

Aldon Smith charged for the assaults of?

He made a scene at the French Press Coffee House in Chalmette, Louisiana and was legally arrested. On Wednesday, Smith was released on a $25000 bond.

The charge is a second-degree battery as the victim was left unconscious due to choking. The News release by the St. Bernard Parish District Attorney’s Office claims that the victim suffered a lot from the scene. The victim was taken to the hospital and didn’t have to stay overnight as the injuries weren’t serious.

Smith has been apprehended several times. On March 3, 2018, Smith under the consumption of alcohol, assaulted a woman. Smith was released by the Raiders for whom he played due to the domestic violence case on March 5. On March 23, 2018, Smith was arrested while violating the law in the court when he was in custody. Smith didn’t found guilty for the act he had done.He was arrested on April 8 that year for violations of conditions to his bail.

What really happened to Aldon Smith?

Earlier in August 2015, Smith was arrested in Santa Clara, California in a hit and run case, driving under the influence and vandalism charges. In 2017, Smith announced that he had agreed not to plead in the hit and run case and was sentenced to 20 days in jail. After his release, he was prohibited from entering any bars or establishments that sold alcohol.

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Smith had recently signed a one year deal with the Seahawks. Previously, Smith played for Dallas Cowboys after being conditionally reinstated by the NFL on May 26, 2020. The Seahawks released a statement on Monday in light of the recent events following Aldon smith. The statement mentions that they are aware of the reports against Smith and are gathering more information and have no further comments.

Aldon Smith surrendered for the charges against him on second-degree battery charges and was later released on bond. The 31-year-old NFL player is scheduled to be prosecuted on July 14.

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