The North Korean Imperialism- Fires 2 more suspected missiles

North Korea fires 2 suspected missiles in its sixth launch in 2022, South Korea says that both the missiles were launched five minutes apart from each other. Both of these missiles made their way into the sea. 

Purpose of the Attack

The purpose behind this firing of two suspected missiles was to compel the United States of America to lift it’s economic sanctions. The United States has imposed severe economic sanctions against North Korea. The already weak North Korean economy is now crippling under the impact of those sanctions.

It is believed that the North Korean Government wants to compel the USA to enter into a deal with North Korea. The deal would involve USA lifting its sanctions while North Korea will undertake disarmament as her part of the bargain.


The news of North Korea firing 2 suspected missiles in its sixth launch in 2022 was met with criticism from across the world. Numerous countries such as South Korea, Japan and USA condemned these tests. These countries have been constantly warning North Korea against this type of provocative measure. But the North Korean leader – Kim Jong Un seems to pay no heed to such warnings.

North Korea fires 2 suspected missiles

The missiles landed into the sea near the Japanese Coast. The Japanese Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, stated that no damage to any vessel or naval ship has been reported. He said that these attacks are regrettable.

North Korea had entered into diplomatic ties with the USA back in 2018. However, these talks derailed in 2019. This was because the USA refused to remove major sanctions against North Korea. Since the US Presidential elections of 2020, North Korea and the USA have been trying to reach an agreement under the leadership of current US President Joe Biden.

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Some experts believe that Pyongyang is of the opinion that it can force the Biden Administration with provocative actions. The Biden administration is currently preoccupied with bigger threats like the possibility of Russian invasion of Ukraine. Hence, it remains to be seen how the Biden Administration will tackle these renewed provocative actions of North Korea. It is also expected that North Korea may dramatically upscale its provocative activities after the Winter Olympics to be held in China this year.

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