Who is Swae Lee brother and why he is in jail?

Swae Lee’s brother Michael Sullivan fatally murdered his father- Floyd Sullivan, who is also step-dad to Rae Sremmurd brothers. Swae Lee is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. 

In the show Swae Meets World, Swae Lee addressed the excruciating pain that he suffered in 2020 after his step-dad was brutally shot by his half-brother, Michael. Swae was utterly outrageous to know that his own-kind brother shot his dad multiple times. Swae mentioned the “Traumatic” state he went through whenever he recalls his dad is dead. His step-dad Floyd death affected his personal life as well as career. 

Who murdered Floyd Sullivan?

Michael Sullivan, half-brother of hip hop duo Rae Sremmurd allegedly shot his dad multiple times. Michael Sullivan is 19 years old, shot his father Floyd at their home in the 500 block of Lumpkin Avenue on 6th January 2020, malignantly gunshots wounds discovered on Floyd’s body. The reason behind his vicious act is beunknowest to the media. 

Michael Sullivan has been found guilty or not?

Michael’s mother spoke about Michael mental illness as he suffers from Schizoaffective disorder. It is believed that Michael has been taking medicine sporadically not regularly. His mother even opened up that he’s been in an episode and also been in chimaera- delusion, unnecessary anger. It is assumed that Michael was erratic at the time of killing his dad and circumvent in taking his medicine.

Michael said that “I heard voices that are trying to say that my dad is gonna kill me, so that’s why I killed him before he did to me”. The above statement of Michael proved that he has been going through a lot of mental maladies. 

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Micael charged first the degree murder of Floyd but the case didn’t stay reinforced as Michael is a patient who is taking the prescription for his mental illness. While for the trial, Micael pleads not guilty to killing his dad but sent to medical infirmity as custody instead of jail because of his mental state.

Swae Lee conveyed his rue and deplore on Twitter with an emoji of heartbrokenness. In April 2021, Swae Lee and his mother made a phone call with Michael in Jail after his Father’s death. 

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