Wandavision Secret Episode 10, Director Confirms? Episode 9 Ending & More

Wanda launches Westview and let her family out – Vision, Tommy and Billy all vanish with the hex that which Wanda created round the town like that the series is ending. Monica’s grief story is quite nicely with Wanda’s as WandaVision, was a story about loss and the grief.

At the end of Episode 9, Monica is led into an empty theater in Westview by an FBI agent who seems to be a Skrull in disguise. A male friend who relates Skrull to the determination of one of two separate people  2019’s Captain Marvel had Monica and her mom Mariam – by way of Carol Danvers – meet Nick Fury and a Skrull named Talos. The movie which has ended with all of the characters going their separate ways. But during that point , Fury and Talos reunited.

Wandavision Secret Episode 10, Director Confirms? Episode 9 Ending & More

Wanda traps the Agatha Harkness in the sitcomish Agnes form leaving her in Westview at the end of WandaVision. Agatha seems like too strong a personality to go away behind forever. It would not be all about that to surprising to see her as soon as the Doctor Strange within the Multiverse of Madness.

Will be there a secret episode 10

Wanda is experiencing grief and loss, it’s that she’s one among the few MCU characters. Who we’ve ever seen experience them. Of all the people that died at the top of Avengers: Infinity War, only Vision was dead for real. Wanda refuses, which sacrifice is what really makes her a superhero.

The final episode came out on Friday March 5 on Disney Plus. Period of time before the launch of subsequent Marvel series. The Falcon and therefore the Winter Soldier, starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan because the titular characters.

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Wandavision Secret Episode 10, Director Confirms? Episode 9 Ending & More

Some fans are there under the impression there is getting to be a secret 10th WandaVision episode which hasn’t been announced formally. When asked a few 10th episode by Screen Rant before the discharge of episode nine. He replied that No, he haven’t heard this theory. After being pressed further on whether it might be an opportunity.

He know there was a Making Of episode the subsequent week. So there’s some continuing WandaVision within the Disney Plus world the subsequent week. But they’re wrapping up the show, the ending of episode nine seemed to be a reasonably definitive conclusion to the story.

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