CL, Tablo, And Other K-pop Artists Speak Out Against Anti-Asian Attacks

K-pop artists, including previous 2NE1 part CL, Epik High’s Tablo, and Korean-American vocalist Eric Nam, have taken to Twitter to voice their help of the continuous #StopAsianHate development.

The posts come after the destructive shootings of eight individuals in Atlanta on March 16. The assaults occurred at three Asian-run organizations in the city. Six of the eight casualties were Asian ladies and four were of Korean plunge. K-pop Artists rushed to help the assault via web-based media.

CL, Tablo, and other K-pop artists speak out against anti-Asian attacks

Attack Against Asians

Authorities have captured a 21-year-elderly person, Robert Aaron Long, in association with every one of the three shootings. No rationale has been set up except for it’s accepted that the shooter intentionally focused on individuals of Asian plunge.

As indicated by the New York Times, the presume told police that he had a “sexual compulsion” and had done the killings to take out his “enticement”. He likewise said that he had frequented rub parlors before and proceeded with the shootings as a type of retaliation.

“Whatever the inspiration was for this person, we realize that most of the casualties were Asian. We likewise realize that this is an issue that is occurring the nation over. It is unsuitable, it is scornful and it needs to stop,” said the city hall leader of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms.

CL, Tablo, and other K-pop artists speak out against anti-Asian attacks

K-pop Artists supporting the Campaign

Since the start of the Covid pandemic, disdain violations against Asian-Americans have expanded drastically. As indicated by the backing group Stop AAPI Hate, there have been up to 3,800 occurrences announced since last March. In New York City alone, there was a 867 percent expansion in Asian scorn wrongdoing casualties in 2020.

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“The revealed shootings of Asian American ladies on Tuesday in Atlanta is an unspeakable misfortune – for the groups of the casualties above all else, yet additionally for the AAPI people group – which has been faltering from undeniable degrees of racial segregation,” the association composed on Twitter.

Numerous K-pop Artists including CL, Tablo, Eric Nam, Alexa, P1Harmony reached support the mission “Stop Asian Hate”.

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