Love Alarm Season 3 Release Date: Plot and Cast

Love Alarm, a Korean Drama that revolves around the lives of three youngsters and is also a typical Korean love triangle story but what’s unique about it? Love alarm drama depicts three different life situations of each of its characters and how the people are dependent on an app called Love Alarm which rings the heart bell of someone you love when you are within their 10 meters radius.

The female character JoJo who has lost her parents and faces a lot of financial crisis all through her life. The drama is based on a Webtoon. The first Season of Love alarm was aired on 22 August 2019. The second season of Love Alarm was supposed to be premiered in 2020 but due to the epidemic Corona Virus, the Second season couldn’t be shooted and the makers decided to reschedule in 2021. Recently on 12th March 2021, They released Love Alarm Season 2.

Love Alarm Season 3, Waiting

Is there going to be another Season?

It’s been few days only since Netflix released the second season of the drama. There is no Guarantee of a season three but if there is going to be one, then Netflix will take a month or two to announce it. The viewers who have already watched Season 2 know the ending, with a sad and a happy ending JoJo ends up with Hye-Young whereas Su-ho ends up with his new girlfriend. Some of us wanted JoJo to end up with Su-ho but the writers had a different view of the drama.

The Webtoon on which the drama is based is still unfinished so the viewers and the binge-watchers can expect a Season 3 and expect a different ending for the Drama.

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The new Season might depict the previous lovers JoJo and Su-ho are still in love but accepted that they are more compatible with their respective partners or the writer can give another opinion to Drama by removing the shield of JoJo love alarm and re-uniting Jo-jo and Su-ho and Hye-young finds someone new through the app only.

Let’s wait and see what Netflix and the makers of the drama holds for us.

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