BTS, an Eye Candy for Grammy: Latest Update and Everything you Want to Know

From Korean Dramas to Korean Pop, everything is being a part of hit news and has been headlines of the entertainment news as well. BTS is not a new name to any. With the growing popularity of the BTS Boys, every music industry from every country wants to work or feature them. Korean boy band, BTS was recently seen performing on one of their hit songs ‘Dynamite’ in Grammys 2021.

They also got nominated in the category of best duo or group music which they unfortunately lose. For most of the fans, it was a heartbreaking moment but Grammy compensated for the same by the performance made by BTS. But the question here arises is that Grammy used BTS as eye candy and to attain more viewers? To understand and read about the same, continue scrolling down to this article.

BTS, an Eye Candy for Grammy

Grammy and BTS

Have people been posting all over social media about how corrupted and manipulated Grammy is but is it true? fans got very disheartened when their oppas didn’t win the award. It was quite visible that this time, Grammy is trying to cover up for the mess they have been creating for the past few years.

For the first time in history, Korean boy band, BTS’s song ‘Dynamite’ was nominated for the awards and they have performed on the same. Grammy has never invited BTS to perform their solo on the stage but history changed itself for the first time. Grammy wanted to grab the attention of the huge fan following BTS have, they used the band to get the number of viewers.

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They kept teasing the fans and the audience with a teaser of the Band’s performance but they were the last ones to perform. Grammy won’t mind doing cheap tricks in order to get the views and the attention but the fans were eagerly waiting through the award show for their oppas performance which was scheduled in the last, after 3.5 hours from the beginning of the show.

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