Rashmi Samant, Victim of Racism: Everything you Want to Know

Racism, where a person is outcasted and differentiated based on the color of his or her skin. For a period of time, people being very ignorant about the same issue and now the Youth is vocal about it and trying to highlight the same. From Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan to recently highlighted Rashmi Samant faced criticism and faced differentiation on the basis of the color of their skin.

In an interview with Oprah, Meghan Markle shared how the family members were concerned about the skin color of their first child. Now, another questionable incident got in view of Oxford University’s Indian Student Rashmi Samant had to resign from her post for which she was elected and was the first Indian Women to be President of Oxford University Student Union.

Rashmi Samant, Victim of Racism

What has happened and who is Rashmi Samant?

Rashmi Samant is a 22-years old student and the first Indian woman to be elected as the President of Oxford University Student Union. Due to some racism and criticism, she stepped down from her post. It was said that it was Ms. Samant who posted racist posts and captions and that too back in 2017.

As per one of her posts, she captioned one of her photos which were clicked in Malaysia as “ching-Chang” which was found to be offensive to the Chinese people. Samant addressed the same and asked for an official apology from the people of the same but the Chinese student Union of the college denies when asked the same.

As per Ms. Samant, she and her family are unnecessarily being the target of the criticism, and because Samant openly stepped down from the post that is why people are bringing back the excuses. There are some clips of Samant available on youtube where she addresses all the accusations made against her.

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