Demi Lovato Shares her journey towards Self Love and Accidental Weight Loss

Demi Lovato has seen popularity as a young teen in Disney to becoming a popular successful pop star in her 20s. Her songs have managed to create love. And admiration in the hearts of music lovers, her admirers are known as Lovatics.

She made a comeback to her singing musical career with I Love Me in 2020. Where she expressed her past unapologetically and l recreated her life experiences. This song talks about self-love. The lyrics of her songs have resonated and connected musically and emotionally.

Also has been vocal about body positivity and self and expressed it in her songs. Like Confidence, WildFire, Solo, Body Say, and her new single What other people say has managed to win hearts again.

Demi Lovato Shares her journey towards Self Love and Accidental Weight Loss

How did Demi Lovato transform her personality?

Lovato is gaining more confidence with time as her journey towards self-love ended up ‘accidentally lose weight’. Though she never did pressurize herself to follow or stick to any particular diet regime.

Even took to her Instagram on March 1, the 28-year-old diva encouraged her fans with a  message by posting a caption. “I’m full of peace, serenity, joy, and love today.”She posted a video that had a positive message written on it. She could be seen self-recording herself in front of a bathroom mirror.

Demi Lovato Shares her journey towards Self Love and Accidental Weight Loss

Also did put up a story with the caption accepting body positivity and self-love.

And went on to share her journey of weight loss and self-love and said. “I’ve actually lost weight,” The I love me Singer expressed and talked about the new-found realization. She said that This is a different experience and she felt full. Not  because of food but due to diving wisdom and cosmic guidance.”

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Her Hollywood celebrity friends hyped her up and filled her Instagram comments with positive comments. Jen Stark and Vanessa Hudgens responded to her post with “Yessss mama. Celebrity Photographer friend Angelo Kritikos expressed her love. And fondness for her beloved friend Demi by saying Yes baby! love you. One of her followers and fans wrote back saying “Yes ma’am listen to your body’s need that’s all that matters.”

Demi released her Documentary Dancing with the Devil which is now available on Youtube Originals for all the Lovatics.

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