Biden to Nominate 3 to USPS Board of Governors

We know that Biden’s spokesman, Michael Gwin, told us on February 19, 2021. That Joe Biden was not at all satisfied with the current leadership of the postal service and the challenges it faces. He also added he is determined to solve the problem of vacancies. And will certainly fill them with high-potential people so that the USPS can effectively fulfill its vital mission for the country.

Joe Biden’s action to resolve the USPS problem 

Biden to nominate 3 to USPS Board of Governors

President Joe Biden appointed three postal experts in the US. Postal Service fulfilling promises he made in the election campaign. Among the candidates are,

  • Ronald A Stroman, former deputy postmaster who resigned under the previous administration.
  • Anton Hajjar, Former General Counsel of the American Postal Service.
  • Amber McReynolds, head of the National Vote Reception Institute.

The nomination came after a busy day on Capitol Hill. When DeJoy appeared before the House Oversight Committee to discuss improving the USPS. DeJoy tussles with Democratic lawmakers over woefully slow mail delivery, the 2020 election. and his upcoming 10-year plan to rehabilitate the postal service.

A week ago, Democratic lawmakers sent separate letters to DeJoy and Biden, complaining about the postmaster general. And asking the president to take action in months of complaints about mail delays.

The White House released a statement stating that “President Biden is committed to the success of the USPS. And these experienced and tested leaders will ensure the USPS meets the highest standards of service. And can serve all communities in our country effectively and efficiently.”

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Can Biden eliminate Dejoy?

Biden to nominate 3 to USPS Board of Governors

The answer is both Yes and No.
No, because the president has no direct power to remove the postmaster.
Yes, because the Postal Service Board of Governors, made up of members nominated by the President. and confirmed in the Senate, has the power to do so.

But on Wednesday, DeJoy made it clear that he had no mood to quit the job alone. When asked how much longer he wanted to stay, DeJoy replied: “A long time, get used to me.

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