Who is Leo Robinton: Every thing You want to Know about Emma Watson Fiance

Emma Watson who is most popularly known for portraying the role of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movie series. And is often seen supporting women’s rights. She has decided to take a break from acting to spend some time with her boyfriend Leo Robinton.

We never would have guessed that there will come a day, when our favorite actress whom we watched growing up in a world of magic, will find magic for herself so soon. I bet all her fans are already gushing over the couple and can’t wait to watch their magical story unfold. 

Emma’s rumored relation with fiancee Leo Robinton:

Emma and Leo Robinton managed to keep their relationship private for almost a year before they were caught kissing in London by the Daily Mail in fall 2019. All Emma Watson fans are going crazy about how serious they seem to be. and can’t seem to stop themselves from fanning over the couple. Here is some information about Leo to help you tone down your curiosity.

Who is Leo Robinton: Every thing You want to Know about Emma Watson Fiancee

About Leo Robinton:

Leo is a 31-year-old businessman with a big family. He has an older brother Charlie, two sisters Lily and Daisy, and a twin brother Archer. Like his girlfriend, he likes to support women’s rights. and was seen with her sister in 2017 during a women’s rights march. 

Robinton is not on social media:

After the pictures of Emma and Leo kissing were released, Leo deleted his social media account. to have some privacy from all the extra attention Emma’s fans were giving him. However, he does appear to have a private account in which Emma is one of his followers.

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Emma Watson and Leo Robinton’s Relationship from 2019- present:

After getting caught by the media in October 2019, they decided to make their relationship official in April 2020. The couple has been going strong since then which is why Emma has decided to take a break from acting. And is thinking of settling down with her boyfriend. There have been rumors going around of them being engaged, although nothing has been confirmed. According to a source, Emma was caught wearing a band on her ring finger earlier this month. Which was the reason for such rumors.

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