Jujutsu kaisen Episode 20 spoiler, Release date, Teaser and latest Update

Curious to know about Jujutsu Kaisen’s next episode, then you just come to a very right place. After releasing Jujutsu Kaisen, this series is become a very trendy one not only in Japan but also across the globe.

After watching the entertaining 19th episode, the viewers and fans are now waiting for the 20th one. Here in this article, we gonna talk about the release date, preview and many more regarding the 20th episode.

Preview if 20th episode

If we guess what may happen in this episode, then we have to go back in the 19 th episode. From relate with the previous episode, we may see that, Aoi and Yuji come back in the main focus again. Now, they have a main motive to defeat their enemy Hanami. On the other hand, Megumi seems to already notice Yuji’s growth and he fully believed and trust him as he can defeat their enemy Hanami.

We may also see Itadori and Aoi have a final fight against Hanimi. But the question is are they really able to defeat Hanami. As he is looking more stronger with day by day.

So, in one line we can say it gonna be a very exciting episode which probably hit its best.  But it’s may also possible that, the production give a twist to surprise their viewers and show something different.

Release Date

It’s now officially confirmed that the Jujutsu Kaisen episode 20 will be released on 27th February, 2021. The releaseing time is 1:25 am Jst.

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And it’s also release in many country, according to their country timeclock.

Watch Online

The series exclusively premiered on Crunchyroll platform. So, if you want to watch it online, then you only need a subscription of Crunchyroll. Then you can only watch this show.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned with Stanford Arts Review for latest updates.

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