Even after the Backlash, Director is making Godzilla vs Kong as he visioned

Godzilla and King Kong both are some of the most famous beasts ever created. If anyone has not watched their movies, at least they are familiar with these characters and the weight they hold in the minds of the fans. The studio has invested so much in movies with these characters with different artistic choices. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.

There so so many movies that the whole cinematic universe is called the Monster Verse with fans who await to see two monsters fight each other to death. Movies on these characters started a long time ago but we focus on three movies, because of the MonsterVerse timeline.


It all started with Godzilla, which released in 2014. It was moderately hit but kick-started the whole channel of movies after this movie. It introduced a new version of the old character and worked on it. It established the myths of the movie and also some other monsters. The movie earned almost 500 million dollars at the box office.

Then the studio introduced another movie with our King Kong called Skull Island 2017. The movie also established the character in its raw form on an almost inhabitable Island with some new characters. The movie also created an emotional attachment between Kong and the audience. The movie earned again 500 million dollars at the box office.

The next movie in the franchise was Godzilla: King of the Monsters which was released in 2019. It got a quite bad response from the critics as well as the audience which we will tell you in a while. It was almost a flop with a response of 100 million dollars a box office.

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Godzilla vs Kong will be the next chapter in the lives of these monsters. The Studio has already released the trailer and quite honestly, it is epic. The last movie didn’t connect with the audience well and that’s why the studio was very careful with this one. As the director, Adam Wingard told in an interview that the design of the movie was not changed just because the last movie failed at the box office. He said, there were some creative differences between him and Michael Dougherty but the movie is going what he wanted it to be with the support of Warner Brothers.

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