You Season 3 is Definitely Returning in 2021 & this is the Reason Why

We all are part of the human race and we humans experience different things like sadness, happiness and also love for another person. It is normal for us to have a crush on another person and sometimes that person becomes an obsession. The person who is obsessing over other person crosses every boundary to reach to his/her crush. But sometimes people do bad things while trying to reach to their crushes and became stalker and this Netflix series is based on this only.

YOU Season 3

This American thriller series is based on the man’s crush on a beautiful writer and all actions he takes to pursue her. This psychological television series follows the life of a talented bookstore manager and how he kill other people who stand in between him and his crush.

You Season 3 is Definitely Returning in 2021 & this is the Reason Why

This all started the day when this bookstore manager meets an attractive aspiring writer and immediately after seeing her he has a huge crush on her and soon this crush turns into a dangerous and harmful obsession which made him kill other people turns him into a stalker. Now he has just one mission in his life to get close to her and he will do anything possible even bad and horrifying things to reach to her.

YOU Season 1 and 2

I know this sounds interesting. This amazing and intense series is ‘You’. The first season of the show is based on the 2014 novel by Caroline Kepnes and it was premiered on Lifetime on September 9, 2018, and the first season of the show ran for ten episodes. The second season of the show with ten episodes came out on Netflix on December 26, 2019, which was based on the follow-up novel ‘Hidden Bodies’ of Kepnes.

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The show was an absolute hit with two season and twenty episodes and after that, in January 2020 the show was renewed for the third season.

On January 14, 2020, Netflix announced that ‘You’ will back for another season which will run for ten episodes. During the Netflix announcement, TVLine also confirmed the good news and announced that ‘You’ will return on Netflix for its third season in 2021 but right now it is hard to tell the exact date as filming of the show has been delayed because of the ongoing pandemic.

Good news for the YOU fans

But after some times when the situation became stable, the production of the third season was back on track.

You Season 3 is Definitely Returning in 2021 & this is the Reason Why

Netflix confirmed the show through its Twitter account by posting a selfie of Badgley and tweeted, “We recommend you stay at least 6 feet from Joe Goldberg at all times. YOU Season 3 is back in production.” Netflix shared this good news in November 2020.

YOU Season three cast

The lead of the show Joe Badgley is going to reprise his character in the next season along with Pedretti aka Love Quinn.

You Season 3 is Definitely Returning in 2021 & this is the Reason Why

The co-creator of the show Sera Gamble told Us Weekly when asked about the Joe and Love that, “He has a baby on the way and Love has moved from that perfect girl that he’s trying to win to the real girl, who’s maybe not exactly what he’s expected… to something much more like a wife.”

You Season 3 is Definitely Returning in 2021 & this is the Reason Why

Netflix in October 2020 announced that YOU will be joined by two new characters for the third season. First Netflix shared that Shalita Grant will join the rest of the team as it tweeted, “Fresh Blood joining YOU Season 3: Shalita Grant will play Sherry, a ‘Mom-fluencer’ who appears down to earth, but is actually a mean girl who only pretends to welcome Love into her social circle.”

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Later Netflix added that Travis VanWinkle will also join the rest of the cast as it tweeted, “Travis VanWinkle will play the wealthy Cary, who invites Joe into his inner circle.”

According to the Deadline report Scott Speedman from ‘Animal Kingdom’ will have a recurring role in the Netflix series.

YOU Season 3

Season three of this thriller drama series will shoot in California, United States. And if we talk about the plot for the next season then Sera Gamble has to say something on it.

The executive producer of the show told Cosmopolitan UK that, “I will say that we have an idea for season three that is so exciting that people talk about it in the writer’s room every day. So many fingers are crossed… I’ll just say, I hope we get the chance to keep making the show.”

In an interview with Us Weekly Watch with Us Podcast Gamble said, “I think the very best thing inside of Joe is his desire to protect innocent young people. That’s so sincere. It’s obvious that he doesn’t have any ulterior motive beyond maybe just wanting another kid to have a better childhood than he did. I mean, the argument can probably more strongly be made that he came into their lives and destroyed them.”

Release date of Season 3

You Season 3 is Definitely Returning in 2021 & this is the Reason Why

For now, Netflix or YOU creators haven’t announced any official date but it is confirmed that the third season will come this year only. We can expect to see the new season in the middle of 2021.

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If we get any information we will inform you.

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