Dr Stone Season 2 Episode 2: Senku and Team Moving to Battlefield, Release Date, Preview and Spoilers

The second season of science-fiction anime series, Dr Stone: Stone Wars has officially begun airing on Tokyo MX. Crunchyroll is streaming the new episodes on their platform for fans outside of Japan. The season premiere episode featured the preparations of Senku and his friends from the Kingdom of Science for the upcoming Stone Wars. Senku and team prepare space food so that they can eat during the war.

A mysterious flash petrified all the humans on the earth 3,700 years ago. Senku, a genius scientist was also petrified along with the others. After 3,700 years, he was suddenly de-petrified and began to study the petrified world. He then revived his best-friend, Taiju Oki and his love interest Yuzuriha Ogawa. He also revived powerful fighter, Tsukasa later to protect themselves from wild animals.

Senku told his revived friends that he wanted to restore all of humanity. But, Tsukasa believes that corrupted adults and old shouldn’t be restored. He wishes to revive only young people and create a new world based only on power. Since Senku doesn’t want to kill other people, Tsukasa feared that he would be a burden in his new world and plan to kill him and lead a world he wishes.

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 2

The next episode of the second season will air on January 21, 2020. Nana Harada would probably direct the upcoming episode titled Hot Line. In the previous episode, Stone Wars Beginning, the Kingdom of Science prepares food that can be eaten during the war. Later, they hatch a plan to fool the Tsukasa’s Empire with Lillian’s voice. The fighters from the Kingdom of Science intends to go to the battlefield.

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However, a sinister Homura is waiting for them in the forest. To distract her, Sneku develops a sonic bomb and make a blast. The bombing works and they are able to distract Homura. While Homura is distracted, the four fighters Kohaku, Chrome, Gen, and Magma races towards the battlefield. The upcoming episode will potentially feature the battle between two parties on the battlefield.

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