Is Brie Larson Gay? Fans Figuring Out ‘Hint’ That She Just Came Out

Captain Marvel actress, Brie Larson recently took an online quiz for a video on her YouTube channel. Now, one of the questions and her response triggered fans around the world and they were wondering if she really came out. The internet is confused after the actress dropped a hint that she could be gay when she was answering some personal questions for a YouTube video.

The 31-year-old actress filmed herself answering some of the online quizzes in a video, which she uploaded on January 14. Larson has more than 450 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel that she launched during the lockdown last year. She seems to answer personal questions, and in one of such questions, she might have revealed how she identifies herself.

In the video, a quiz asks what she would do in an hour of recess when she was a 10-year-old girl. She then quickly gave a confusing response. Room actress mentioned that she would spend the recess on a library computer searching Wikihow. The topic of her search would be how to know if you are gay. Fans are now wondering if the actress is really gay or not.

As of now, Larson has never come out about her sexuality. She also hasn’t addressed the viral response and fans are still baffled. The actress previously revealed that she wouldn’t be sharing any personal things that make her uncomfortable. She has always refused to answer such personal life-based questions in past interviews. Even her response hints another thing, this is certainly not her coming out.

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Brie Larson engaged with a musician, Alex Greenwald.

The lead singer of a music band, Phantom Planet began dating Larson since 2013. In 2016, they decided to take their relationship to next level and had an engagement. However, only after three years, the duo broke up in 2019. The Academy award-winner has always respected Greenwald and mentioned that he had created a safe space for her work and take more risks.



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