Kobe Bryant’s Disturbing Relationship with his Parents Explained: How are they Doing Now

Kobe Bryant was one of the greatest players ever to play the game of basketball. He was an inspirational figure to many on and off the court. Bryant has graced the game of Basketball after playing 20 years in the NBA, winning 5 NBA Championships and one NBA MVP. The father of four daughters was a family guy who had balanced his personal life and professional life amazingly.

The former Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard had his share of family troubles, not as a father or husband, but as a son. Kobe had a major fallout with his parents multiple times over the years. He was the son of former NBA player, Joe Bryant, who played for Philadelphia 76ers and Housten Rockets in the NBA. Kobe had a good relationship while growing up with his father Joe and mother Pamela Cox Bryant.

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However, things started taking a bad turn after Kobe and Vannesa’s relationship. The then 21-year-old Kobe met the 17-year-old Vannesaa in Los Angeles, while she was working as a background dancer and a senior at High School. A year later, Kobe decided to marry Vanness, which was strongly opposed by his parents. His parents reportedly had problems with him marrying so young.

Kobe’s parents didn’t wish him to marry Vannessa

Kobe’s family were African-Americans while Vannessa belonged to a Latin-Americans family. His parents, Joe and Pam wanted him to marry someone from their community instead of other backgrounds. Kobe, as a young guy, was madly in love with 18-year-old Vannessa and couldn’t leave her. So, he married without his parents’ consent and didn’t invite them, his sisters and even his Lakers teammates.

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Kobe and his parents were didn’t reconcile for a period of two years. His parents changed their mind following the birth of his first daughter in January 2003. Later, in 2013, his mother put up memorabilia at an auction house, claiming that Kobe had given the rights to those items in his early years. However, Kobe later filed a lawsuit against his parents and the auction house, which he subsequently won.

Joe and Pam later issued a public apology to their son, citing a misunderstanding. They also added that they were grateful for Kobe’s financial support over the years. After Mamba retired as a Laker legend, he again reconciled with his parents. Bryant tragically died in a helicopter crash in January 2020. His parents attended several memorial services to tribute his soul and to bid farewell.

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