Here’s What Will Happen if You Detonate a NUKE on the Moon

The consequence of dropping a nuclear bomb in any part of the world would potentially be a nightmare for humanity, yet various countries are continuously working on developing new nuclear weapons. Nuclear bombs are one of the few things that humanity is working on to end its existence. The theoretical consequence of the event is beyond imagination, and thankfully humans have never nuked on a large scale.

However, humanity has tried to test the outcome by dropping a nuclear bomb on the moon. They never carried the destructive experiment, but the topic is worth thinking about if someone literally nuked the surface of the moon. Theorists all around the world have imagined the gargantuan destruction brought by the detonation of nuclear bombs on the surface of the moon.

So, what happens if we nuke the moon?

When a nuclear warhead drops on the moon, the explosion would be a massive one than the explosion that would be on the earth. The moon doesn’t have an atmosphere so the explosion would expand freely, creating a massive explosion. Since there is no atmosphere, someone looking at the tradition following the explosion would die in an instant. The number of radiations would rise on the Moon’s surface.

This wouldn’t make much difference because the surface of the moon is already exposed to a huge amount of space radiation and solar flares. If someone is orbiting around the Earth — say in ISS — or the Moon, the explosion would kill them in an instant. Also, the explosion may result in the raining down of the pieces of the Moon to space and to the Earth, which would certainly affect humanity to a greater extent.

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But at the moon, there wouldn’t be much effect. Theorists claimed that it would be like blowing air from your mouth on the surface of a truck. The orbit of the moon would remain unchanged and the surface would have just another crater — that’s it. The United States Air Force back in 1958 devised a plan to nuke the moon but didn’t carry realizing the negative worldwide impact on the US.



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