NCIS Season 18 Episode 4: The Drug Ring Case Comes to CLIMAX After Show’s Return from Six-Week Break

The popular police procedural crime drama, NCIS will return in January after the six-week-long holiday break. Blood and Treasure was the latest episode of the currently running 18th season, which aired on December 8, 2020. The team faces a peculiar murder case after discovering two dead bodies in the forest, which later links to years-long modern-day treasure hunting.

Diego Barnes, a Chief Petty Officer, was searching for the treasure — $1 million in gold — buried by Angus Demint. The team believes that the officer was killed after he found the treasure. On the other hand, the team is still recovering from the party night in the previous episode. Gibbs joined other team members for a night out drinking party at the end of episode 2, Everything Starts Somewhere.

CBS has finally revealed the confirmed air date for the fourth episode. While we already knew that the show was returning in January, CBS now confirmed that it will premiere on January 19, 2021. For waiting this long, the showrunners are going to offer a new year gift by premiering two episodes on the return date. This means that the fans can watch two new episodes, 4 and 5 on the same day.

NCIS Season 18 Episode 4: Preview

When the episode returns, the team will face yet another thrilling case, especially McGee and his wife Delilah. The duo’s vacation becomes an action-packed one when it turns out to be a high-stakes mission. However, things don’t end well for Gibbs and Fornell. In the previous episode, they investigate the person running a drug ring, and Fornell ends up undercover as a fast-food restaurant worker.

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The official synopsis released by CBS for the upcoming episode, Sunburn, mentioned that the search for Fornell leads to blood. We may assume that something worst has happened with Fornell after the risky undercover job. Also, releasing after Sunburn is the fifth episode, titled, Head of the Snake. The fifth episode will be the climax to the troubling arc of counterfeit opioid operation.



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