Digital transformation in the Enterprise Month: Covid-19’s impact focusing on the biometrics

Due to the current on-going Covid Pandemic, no one is allowed to touch others in order to stop the spread of the virus.

September is the digital transformation in the enterprise Special events. Here, we will find the impact and effects of virus on business around the world.

The Uses of Biometrics

Due to the concept of untouchability because of the virus, many organizations have turned to biometric access control.

The biometrics helps you in various ways like:

  • you don’t need to take the keys.
  • you won’t be forgetting the key anywhere.
  • it will be helpful in recent times as unlocking will need either fingerprint sensor or face recognition.

Concerns over hygiene sends biometric device revenue spiralling

The advantage of the biometrics is that no one can now steel your house keys, and you won’t be stressed as to where have you kept your keys.

Even in the hotels, the use of biometrics will:

  • reduce help desk requests.
  • improve efficiency.
  • provide enhanced security.
  • eliminate the risk of keycard falling into the wrong hands.

Initially, passwords were the most useful trend, but there were many news on cyber threats. Here also biometrics helps people with security of the things.

More benefits of biometrics under work life:

Future Growth of Healthcare Biometrics Market Impressive CAGR of 22.3% at USD 5.6 Billion Forecasts by 2022 | Medgadget


  • biometric system of fingerprint or face recognition are in high use.
  • it can reduce the administrative costs by speeding up account recovery.
  • is tied to more traditional password without having to remember the complex characters or combinations.

Due to the symptoms of the virus, the biometrics which have become the new trend in recent times are coming with the temperature screening combine with the facial recognition, to check the elevated temperature of visitors and employees.

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The biometric identification is also coming with a new feature of tracking the location to facilitate contact tracing within the workplace.


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