No Sign of Kiss Him, Not Me Season 2 Despite Calls From Fans Eager for More Episodes

Kiss Him Not Me touches the hearts of viewers by portraying the journey of personal growth and self-acceptance of an endearing young woman named Kae. Once an outgoing girl with many friends, Kae turned inward after the tragic loss of her beloved father. She found solace in romantic anime and manga featuring male relationships, known as “Boys’ Love.”

Immersed in these fictional worlds, Kae unapologetically embraced her interests even when they set her apart from classmates. The once bubbly girl became quiet and withdrawn, gaining weight as she sought comfort in food alongside her stories.

Kiss Him Not Me Season 2 Release Date

Kiss Him Not Me Season 2 Release Date

When four attractive boys at school suddenly start vying for Kae’s attention, she finds herself at a crossroads. Does she hold onto the safe haven she has built through her hobbies, or risk change and vulnerability by opening her heart to potential love and friendship? As much as the boys puzzle over Kae’s atypical disinterest in their advances, she too grapples to understand their sincerity.

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At its core, “Kiss Him Not Me” is not merely a reverse harem story for the digital age. It reflects the universal human experience of learning to accept oneself amidst the inevitable ups and downs of life and relationships.

Name Kiss Him Not Me
Genre Romantic comedy
Directed by Hiroshi Ishiodori
Based on Manga by Junko
Starring (JP) Ari Ozawa, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 12
Original run October 2016 – December 2016
Original network AT-X, Tokyo MX, SUN, KBS
Licensed by Crunchyroll
Opening theme “Prince×Prince” by POLY

Kiss Him Not Me Season 2 Cast and Characters

Kae’s willingness to challenge her own assumptions acts as an inspiration—she represents the inner resolve it takes to experience the rewards of putting one’s true self forward, fujoshi fixations and all.

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Viewers connect with Kae’s story at a profoundly personal level. They root wholeheartedly for her happiness, be it alone or with a partner who embraces her spirited otaku passions. The story resonates as a testament to the power of community in making space for those who may at first seem unlike us, but ultimately deserve love all the same. This poignant message, combined with its comedy and drama, is why fans eagerly await the further adventures of Kae and friends.

Does kiss him not me have an ending

Kiss Him Not Me Season 2 Storyline Details

The first season of “Kiss Him Not Me” sparked joy in the hearts of viewers, leaving them yearning for more of the endearing characters. The anime brought to life the vision of creator Junko, sharing with fans the world she crafted in her 14-volume manga series over five years. Animators realized Junko’s skillful storytelling for the screen, portraying the first half of the full story in the inaugural season.

At the heart is Kae, an earnest young woman whose passion for fictional romantic stories is a core part of her identity. The loss of a beloved character stirs grief in her heart, leading to a period of profound self-reflection. By turning inward to process her sorrow, Kae embraces the totality of who she is – her most authentic self.

The transformation fans witness in Kae inspires us to have courage during difficult moments in our lives. With an open and renewed perspective, she now notices four classmates who want to get to know the “real Kae.” Blossoming friendships that may become something more now mingle with hilarious misunderstandings rooted in Kae’s fervent love of male fictional couples.

Kiss Him Not Me Season 2 Plot Details

Through Kae’s journey, the story reminds us that showing our genuine selves can lead to meaningful relationships, as well as surprise adventures. She models sincerity while still being devoted to her interests, rather than compromising core pieces of herself to suit others. Her willingness to be vulnerable enables not only her own growth, but that of the classmates hoping to prove their care for her.

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Fans worldwide see parts of themselves in Kae’s blend of passion and openness to life’s new possibilities. They ache as they laugh aloud, sharing in the uncertainty, joy and pain of human connection. With many tales left to tell from Junko’s extensive original work, devotees cannot wait to again be whisked into the singular delight found in “Kiss Him Not Me.” More of Kae and friends promises profound fun with resonance for the soul – a beacon showing our shared humanity.

Does Kiss Him, Not Me have an ending?

The passion fans feel for “Kiss Him Not Me” flows from its vibrant characters, who have left an imprint on the hearts of millions. Creator Junko’s manga series readers across 14 volumes over five years. A live-action film soon followed, indicating the hunger to see this beloved story brought to life.

While unofficial in nature, whispers amongst devotees that the anime may someday return. The first season honored Junko’s poignant narrative about self-discovery and human connection by sharing half of the total tale. Viewers established an attachment to earnest, charming Kae and her admirers, leaving them eager to see more of their journey.

How many episodes are in Kiss Him, Not Me?

At the epicenter is Kae, whose authentic self-expression empowers viewers to proudly embrace their own passions. While coping with loss, she finds the courage to open up to new friendships and possibilities. Kae soon gathers a group of classmates with diverse personalities, backgrounds and motivations in desiring her attention.

Fans find pieces of themselves in these characters. Some connect with Kae’s unabashed enthusiasm for fictional couples. Others enjoy the dry wit of introverted Asuma, or outgoing Hayato’s sincere willingness to shower those he cares for with affection.

The potential for Kae’s connections to deepen into mature love heightens for a sequel. The first season set an artistic standard with strong voice acting, expressive animation, and a colorful style true to Junko’s creation. Devotees hope studio Brain’s Base will carry the baton forward.

Is Kiss Him, Not Me anime good?

While the future is uncertain, the impressions left thus far speak to humanity’s shared need for belonging. Through comedy and drama alike, “Kiss Him Not Me” reminds viewers that even vulnerability opens the door to profound relationships. Fans carry an abiding affection for Kae and company in their hearts, awaiting the day they may meet again.

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At its core, “Kiss Him Not Me” enchants viewers by embracing the messy complexity of human connections. Woven throughout hilarious escapades are poignant reminders of our shared need for self-understanding and belonging. Creator Junko skillfully uplifts these timeless experiences through the journey of an earnest heroine named Kae.

Alongside laughs, the story facilitates soul searching about the tension between our inner world and outer personas. Kae models authenticity by being fully herself despite life’s ups and downs. Her interests provide a safe haven, while also separating her from classmates—until several boys persistently pursue her attention.

Who is the male lead in Kiss Him, Not Me?

As light-hearted antics give way to vulnerability, both Kae and her would-be suitors open themselves to growth. They wrestle with reconciling past pain, insecurities about who they are or wish to be, and a blossoming sense they may be worthy of love after all. Their interplay harbors deeper messages about embracing all facets of one’s identity.

Ultimately, “Kiss Him Not Me” touches fans through portraying universal experiences. Many connect with Kae’s unabashed passion for the worlds and characters she adores.

Some identify with her introverted tendencies or the isolating nature of grief. Others feel the longing of her hopeful suitors, or their gradual willingness to tear down personal barriers preventing intimacy.


While uncertain, longing remains for future tales further exploring relationships begun in the first season. Devotees continue keeping a candle lit for news of the anime’s return. Yet whether or not the story continues, it has already imprinted upon viewers timeless messages about laughter, love, and embracing life’s beautifully messy humanity.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Will There Be a Kiss Him Not Me Season 2?

A: As of now, there is no official confirmation about a second season.

Q: What Is the Main Theme of Kiss Him Not Me?

A: The series primarily focuses on romantic comedy and the intricacies of high school relationships, set against the backdrop of otaku culture.

Q: How Can I Watch Kiss Him Not Me?

A: The first season is available on streaming platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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