30 Coins Season 1 Episode 5: Santoro OFFERS Father Vergara a Mysterious Power, Spain Release Date, and Spoilers

HBO Spain recently premiered a fantasy horror-thriller television series, 30 Coins that have been well received by viewers and critics, in Europe. The drama series is produced by the celebrates Spanish filmmaker, Álex de la Iglesia. Reports across Spain and Europe claimed that the series has received critical acclaim from the local critics while viewers are amazed at such quality content. 30 Coins has been all over the internet these past weeks, since its debut on November 29.

The show features the dark humour, bloodbath, and several incredible demonic characters and creatures. 30 Coins, tells the story of a remote town Pedraza, in Spain where demonic events have been terrorizing the community. Padre Vergara, an exorcist arrives in the town and teams up with local vet Elena and the town’s mayor Paco. The unlikely team fight against the demons of hell and mysterious organization to keep the community safe. 30 Coins’ first season consists of eight episodes that will air until 17 January 2021.

The upcoming episode, The Double, will premiere on HBO Spain and Europe on Sunday, 27 December 2020. 30 Coins hasn’t debuted on North America and Asia yet. The production company plans to release the first episode of the series on HBO Max on January 4, 2021. Also, the show will air on the HBO Network in the US on the same day. The HBO linear network in the US will air first two episodes on premiere night at 9 pm ET on January 4, 2021.

30 Coins Episode 5: Preview

The horror-drama has been filmed in multiple locations across Europe and America. In the previous episode, titled Memories, Vergara went to Rome to visit Pope and talk with him about the recent events. After arriving at the city of Rome, he realises that Santoro has been waiting for him. The previous episode teased the return of a familiar face from the dead.

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Elena’s husband was presumed dead after he mysteriously disappeared two years ago. However, he will return to the town after all these years in the next episode. Also, in Rome, Santoro was waiting for Vergara so that he can recruit him for his new mission. Santoro attempts to recruit Vergara and tells him that he would offer him an unimaginable power if he joins him.




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