NCIS: Hawaii Viewers Eager for Updates on Season 3 Renewal, Release Date, Trailer, Cast Additions, and Where to Watch

The upcoming third season of NCIS Hawaii promises to be an exciting next chapter for the successful crime drama spinoff series. Set against the stunning tropical backdrop of Oahu, Hawaii, NCIS Hawaii follows an elite team of Naval Criminal Investigative Service agents who tackle high-stakes cases involving military personnel and national security.

While crime and action are at the show’s core, what truly makes NCIS Hawaii stand out is its big heart. The agents form a tight-knit ohana (family), supporting each other through tough investigations and personal struggles. Their compassion shines through as they advocate for victims while pursuing justice.

NCIS Hawaii Season 3 Release Date

NCIS Hawaii Season 3 Release Date

The NCIS Hawaii Season 3 will be released in February 12, 2024. Season 3 allows us to continue following these beloved characters on their journeys. Special Agent Jane Tennant, the first female Special Agent in Charge of NCIS Pearl Harbor, leads with tenacity tempered by empathy.

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We’ve watched her balance the demands of the job with being a single mother, demonstrating incredible strength. Fan-favorite Kai Holman provides technological expertise with a fun-loving spirit, while Jesse Boone is a reliable source of levity.

Most anticipated is the blossoming romance between Tennant and Captain Joe Milius. Their natural chemistry and mutual respect make you root for the tentative steps of their relationship. It’s a lovely, human element amid the high-stakes action.

NameNCIS Hawaii
FormatPolice procedural
Created byChristopher Silber
StarringVanessa Lachey, Alex Tarrant
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes44
Production locationOahu, Hawaii
CinematographySingle-camera setup
Running time42 minutes
DistributorCBS Media Ventures
Original releaseSeptember 20, 2021 – present
Previous seriesNCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles

NCIS Hawaii Season 3 Cast and Characters

While crime never sleeps in Hawaii, this ohana’s commitment to truth and justice is a reassuring constant. As they take down smugglers, spies, and terrorists, they remind us of the power of working together towards something greater than ourselves.

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NCIS Hawaii Season 3 promises all this and more – high-octane drama, compassionate characters, and plenty of the picturesque island views we’ve come to love. Most importantly, it continues bringing heart to the acclaimed franchise.

Where can I watch NCIS Hawaiʻi Season 3

The refreshing island breeze of NCIS Hawaii is set to return for a third season, and fans simply cannot wait. Since its premiere, the show has been viewers with its postcard-worthy scenery, multicultural representation, and close-knit cast who tackle crime with compassion.

NCIS Hawaii Season 3 Plot

At the helm is Special Agent Jane Tennant, portrayed by Vanessa Lachey, who leads with equal parts professionalism and heart. We’ve come to admire Jane as she navigates her high-stakes job while raising her insightful teenager Kaitlyn.

By Jane’s side is her witty partner Jesse Boone, played by Noah Mills, who lends some comic relief to tense situations. The team is rounded out by Alex Tarrant as Kai Holman, a proudly queer agent who brings technological prowess and cheerful camaraderie.

Together, they make up an ohana – a family – exhibiting the cooperative spirit Hawaii embodies. They have each other’s backs, on and off duty, demonstrating the power of true community.

NCIS Hawaii Season 3 Storyline Details

Production has begun on Oahu for Season 3. We’re thrilled to spend more time immersed in the lush island paradise that feels like a character unto itself. And with at least 10 new episodes planned, we’ll get double the dose of crime-solving escapades and local culture.

Rumors are swirling about potential storylines, including Jane tracking down a fugitive mentor from her past. And with the addition of LL Cool J reprising his NCIS: Los Angeles role, we may see an uptick in high-octakes crossovers.

No matter the cases they confront, we know our Hawaiian ohana will handle them with compassion. Their commitment to truth and justice never wavers, sending a hopeful message about humanity’s capacity for good.

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Will there be a season 3 of NCIS: Hawaii?

Above all, we eagerly await more heartwarming moments between our favorite characters. Their true aloha spirit shines through and keeps us coming back for more. Get ready to be transported once again!

When it was announced that acclaimed actor and musician LL Cool J would join the cast of NCIS Hawaii in Season 3, fans understandably got excited. His character, Sam Hanna, is deeply embedded in the NCIS universe after many seasons on NCIS: Los Angeles. Sam’s wealth of experience as an agent, coupled with his charisma and humor, is sure to shake things up in Hawaii in all the right ways.

Is NCIS: Hawaii renewed in 2023 in 2024?

This crossover represents a smart evolution of the NCIS franchise. Long-time fans will enjoy seeing a familiar face in a new environment, while new viewers will be intrigued to follow Sam’s integration with the Hawaii team.

Actor LL Cool J brings star power and new storytelling possibilities. We can likely expect plenty of banter between Sam and Jesse Boone, played skillfully by Noah Mills. Their contrasting personalities could be comedic gold.

Beyond cast additions, NCIS Hawaii continues to excel technically in Season 3. The cinematography takes full advantage of the lush Hawaiian landscapes, from peaceful beaches to urban Honolulu. The lighting and camerawork set an engaging visual tone. Sound mixing makes the most of the island’s ambient noises, from crashing waves to live music. The show feels transportive and cinematic.

When did NCIS Season 3 come out?

For fans, the heightened production value and LL Cool J’s inclusion signal an investment in quality. We expect Season 3 to continue developing the beloved characters through meaningful flashbacks and present-day drama.

The procedurals remain sharp and suspenseful. But it’s the human moments between Jane, Jesse, Kai and Sam that will keep us coming back. The Hawaii team’s compassion and dedication to justice continue shining through. That’s the true heart of NCIS.

The scenic shores of Oahu once again set the stage for crime-solving and camaraderie in NCIS Hawaii. Season 3 marks a continuation of the show’s fresh take on the storied franchise. Led by the tenacious Jane Tennant, the Hawaii team tackles threats to the island ohana with compassion.

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One reason fans are thrilled for the new season is the crossover potential. With NCIS legend LL Cool J joining the cast as Sam Hanna, we may see more collaboration between the Hawaii and Los Angeles branches. Sam’s experience balanced with his laidback nature should pair nicely with Jesse Boone, played by Noah Mills. Their buddy-cop dynamic could be very engaging.

Where can I watch NCIS: Hawaii Season 3?

Of course, the Hawaii crew shines plenty on their own. Vanessa Lachey brings heart as Jane, a tough leader who shows vulnerability as a mother. Yasmine Al-Bustami’s passionate performance as cyber specialist Lucy Tara grounds the team in morality. And Kai, portrayed endearingly by Alex Tarrant, acts as the soul of the group with his empathy and humor.

With at least 10 new episodes set in paradise on the way, we’ll get to dive deeper into what makes these characters tick. Flashbacks may reveal more about Jane’s past, while present-day stories could complicate her budding romance with Captain Milius. However the plot unfolds, it’s the moments of connection and teamwork that we’ll remember most.


The technical merits of NCIS Hawaii also impress. Picturesque aerial shots of the Pacific immerse us in the setting. The soundtrack, from tense riffs to playful ukulele, surrounds us in the island atmosphere. It’s TV crafted with care.

At its core, NCIS Hawaii remains full of heart. This ohana’s steadfast commitment to justice and genuine affection for one another make spending time in their world an absolute joy.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: When does “NCIS Hawaii Season 3” premiere?

Ans: February 12, 2024.

Q: Who are the main cast members?

Ans: Vanessa Lachey, LL Cool J, Alex Tarrant, Noah Mills, and Yasmine Al-Bustami.

Q: What can viewers expect from the new season?

Ans: A blend of high-stakes naval crime investigations, character-driven stories, and the beautiful backdrop of Hawaii.

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